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  • She saw now that he had had no such thought to uphold him.
  • Show the world that you know how to uphold it!
  • Who has helped to uphold the dignity of your land?
  • Sense and experience seemed to uphold these views.
  • They owe the duty to uphold it and to guard it.
  • His attention on an atom as to uphold the universe.
  • But he was determined to uphold her fainting spirit.
  • And the many cushions necessary to uphold his person?
  • No divine hand reaches down to it to uphold and guide it.
  • He is also said to uphold the world on one of his heads.
  • Poor work, to uphold in age who falls when young!
  • S.O. to uphold a nation.
  • Mrs. Ray had many beside Ingram to uphold her opinion.
  • And she was without the conviction to uphold her that she had done right.
  • To uphold this government and constitution is the duty of all citizens.
  • People would be slaves indeed not to uphold their just and rightful claims.
  • O excellent power, which is not sufficient to uphold itself!
  • His strength was always being drawn upon to uphold the weakness of others.
  • It should be your endeavor to uphold rather than defeat, the ends of justice.
  • Say, 'tis my vow To uphold them to the end.
  • I am the last man, Leslie, to uphold young rascals of that sort.
  • It seemed as if they stood 'round me, ready to uphold me in what I was doin'.
  • On the other hand, Mr. Crewe had a dignity and a position to uphold.

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  • But all attempts you have made to uphold your securities have only been throwing money away.
  • But he could serve under no flag except that which he had pledged his honor to uphold.
  • It is the duty of all of us to uphold the actual peace and actual dignity of this community.
  • His departure has left a sad vacuity in the framework which he helped to uphold and adorn.
  • Despotism had been organized for making war; war was continued to uphold despotism.
  • Since many outsiders were expected, everybody was anxious to uphold the honor of the village.
  • Cause the husband to return to Tamiya, once more to uphold its rights and influence.
  • I charge you to hold fast the doctrine which I have been endeavouring to uphold in this paper.
  • They now hope and trust; and they shall not be disappointed while I have life to uphold them.
  • To gaze back, to uphold the old times, was a most natural conservatism, and fruitless.
  • But, so long as they go no further, there is no definite "cause" either to uphold or oppose.
  • Was it right for God not only to uphold, but to command the infamous traffic in human flesh?
  • We are honest men, who seek to uphold the law, and we claim the protection of the Government.
  • Notwithstanding my remonstrances, the Dean and Chapter decided yesterday to uphold the doctor.
  • King Ferdinand of Naples agreed, though he had recently sworn to uphold the constitution.
  • In several notable instances, our Navy had taken prompt action to uphold American rights.
  • To uphold the due estimation of good Ministers, else, we shall have no Church.
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