To Washington In A Sentence

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  • Have you not written to Washington?
  • Again on the way to Washington!
  • I am called to Washington.
  • He came at once to Washington.
  • Would you like to go to Washington?
  • All of my class are ordered to Washington.
  • It is intimated that he has gone to Washington.
  • When are you coming to Washington to sail in my canoe?
  • Have we remembered and appreciated our debt to Washington?
  • He ran from the building to Washington street.
  • Thousands of office-seekers thronged to Washington.
  • Two were taken by unexpected calls to Washington.
  • My first visit to Washington was in 1845.
  • They travelled to Washington in a peach basket.
  • The ballots were brought to Washington and were counted.
  • And now it was time to talk about the trip to Washington.
  • I think they tuk it away to Washington.
  • And next month he was to go to Washington.
  • Twice ordered to Washington with horse thieves.
  • He was going through our country on his way to Washington.
  • What wonderful luck brings you to Washington?
  • You must never come back to Washington.
  • Some could go to Washington for a dollar a year.
  • How long would it take to go to Washington from our home?
  • They drank to Washington, the ornament of mankind.
  • Burr Returns to Washington.
  • Your long distance call to Washington, sir.
  • Jefferson, their first president, now came to Washington.
  • Kuroki, pack my bag for a five-day trip to Washington.
  • General Wallace went to Washington.
  • Soon afterward I went to Washington.
  • From there I took the cars to Washington.
  • Those who had worked for Jackson rushed to Washington.
  • Then I got talking about my visit to Washington.
  • But they were sent on to Washington, to see the President.

How To Use To Washington In A Sentence?

  • It makes me sick every time I go to Washington.
  • News of the Disaster is Sent to Washington.
  • Letters to Washington and Accompanying Papers.
  • Letter to Washington, Oct. 18, 1793.
  • I went to Washington (my first visit) on 14th April.
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