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  • You see, after all, you can only reason as to why you feel.
  • As to why He then stopped there are two opinions.
  • I have not deceived him as to why alone I marry him.
  • Let me add my final word as to why I am anxious about it.
  • She had no doubts as to why it was that she had achieved such notoriety.
  • She answered his unspoken question as to why she was delaying.
  • To go in would provoke inquiry as to why he was not at the wedding.
  • I have never fathomed the mystery as to why our informant told us this.
  • He said nothing to any of us, and we often speculated as to why he did not.
  • And, if it is there, the question arises as to why it does not respond.
  • It is superfluous to inquire as to why these boys were mustered....
  • In the next place you are to ask no questions as to why I am doing this.
  • I pondered much during my laundry days as to why they kept Irma.
  • The Way to Why.
  • As to why, that's a silly question, really, your Majesty.

How To Use To Why In A Sentence?

  • I followed this by a dignified inquiry as to why his young men had treated me so roughly.
  • Psmith had yielded up the key, but his inquiries as to why it was needed had been embarrassing.
  • Psmith had yielded up the key, but his inquiries as to why it was needed had been embarrassing.
  • He had never failed before in duping any one he had set out to; why should he in this case?
  • Their mother found them one day bending over the cradle, arguing as to why the baby cried.
  • It meant getting up in the morning with a new conception as to why I was working and for whom.
  • In his middle sixties, he presented a puzzle to Jorden as to why he had been permitted to come.
  • That is the simple answer as to why Germany, a country besieged, cannot win against the world.
  • If he could get some inkling as to why Prale had powerful enemies, it might help a lot.
  • He might be baffled as to why the Kentuckian had not made a move to claim kinship with Hunt.
  • Rachel obeyed with a vague wonder in her mind as to why that look of tolerance should be so familiar.
  • I haven't the remotest idea as to why they are here, or how they dropped across me.
  • Her question as to why he had not made inquiries of her father added a new element to his disquietude.
  • There was the black fact that they were gone, and not the least tittle of evidence as to why or whither.
  • Death is caused by accident or disease, but these causes explain nothing as to why death should be in the world at all.
  • This conversation naturally introduced other kindred subjects of inquiry as to why our good friend had arranged things so and so.
  • Among the problems of this latter day of discontents few are more pressing than speculating as to why sausages and pork-pies have so degenerated.
  • It aids in the clear understanding of the laws of nature because it gives an intelligent idea as to why these laws should be in operation.
  • She was sure of it now although at the time he gave a plausible explanation as to why he showed two such large bright lights.
  • Therefore, what could be put down in black and white as to why we took up factory work is of minor value or concern.
  • Bill was puzzled as to why they were talking about the club steps, but he felt it his duty to say that he did want to know how many they were.
  • We have no knowledge as to why elements differ in their combining power, and there is no way to determine their valences save by experiment.
  • The atomicity of certain chemical bodies does not inform us as to why one should be a deadly poison and another perfectly innocuous.
  • Anyway, I wish for an explanation as to why you're walking about in that get-up.
  • He added force to the interrogation as to why that Bell should sound its inhuman strokes twice, by asking himself why he was there to hear it!
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