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  • Hester paused when she came to within a few steps of me.
  • And he will thrash you to within an inch of your life!
  • Chard walked up to within a few feet of the trader.
  • C. to within about 5 deg.
  • They approached to within twenty yards.
  • The boat had now come up to within a quarter of a mile.
  • We approached the herd to within a quarter of a mile.
  • I could approach to within a foot of reaching it.
  • That is probably correct to within a thousand miles.
  • Every one rigged out to within an inch of their lives.
  • I can trace that act to within two men of you.
  • A thick hedge led up to within a few feet of the entrance.
  • They even went down to within sixty feet of the ground.
  • Floor the building to within 20 inches of the rear wall.
  • It rises to within four thousand feet of the surface.
  • In winter cut the tree back to within a foot of the ground.
  • Knit in pattern to within 19 stitches of end, turn.
  • A vinta closed to within twenty yards, an easy bowshot.
  • He carried the war to within twenty miles of Boston.
  • Von Spee had been gradually closing to within 12,000 yards.
  • Mrs. Amble waded to within reach, her husband following.
  • He had owned that he had been deranged to within a month ago.
  • Measurements are accurate to within less than one-tenth of a millimeter.
  • But the growth extended to within about an eighth of a mile of the top.
  • His struggles had carried him to within a few feet of the dead revolutionist.
  • In this way he crossed to within an eighth of a mile of the opposite shore.
  • Three of the trunk glaciers descend to within a few feet of the sea-level.
  • We have right of way to within three hundred feet of your factory.
  • How dare he march undaunted to within six paces of those eyes?
  • Next winter cut this back to within 18 inches of the ground.
  • I got to within fifty meters of him and fired a number of shots at him.
  • The boatman paddled silently up to within eight or ten rods of him.
  • The walls of the straits had closed in to within a half-mile span.
  • He measured the length of the year to within 9 minutes of its true value.
  • Inside the former the standard tunnel lining was erected to within 4 ft.

How To Use To Within In A Sentence?

  • Now all that remained was to make their way down to within reach of the scientists.
  • They then brought the eyeglass up to within about an inch of that, and looked through it again.
  • When it neared us to within a mile, we were so alarmed that we all ran down below.
  • Up to within the last few days the subject had seemed to him a relatively simple one.
  • Both ships bore away before the wind and neared each other to within striking distance.
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