To Work In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Work | To Work Sentence

  • They had to work fast.
  • It just does me good to work.
  • Scattergood went to work.
  • You have the foundation on which to work.
  • We set to work at once.
  • Did you have to work hard?
  • Jessy was on her way to work.
  • He was going to work!
  • To work in the meadows.
  • Habit set him to work.
  • We can set them to work.
  • I shall have to work.
  • I have the facts to work on.
  • See here how he went to work about that.
  • You will be put to work under him.
  • She has a task to work out.
  • You will have to work for your living.
  • I was brought up to work.
  • Both set to work with a will.
  • I wish she were here to work with me.
  • Russia has settled down to work.
  • Were they to work wonders too?
  • Get to work as soon as you can.
  • For food she had to work.
  • And most of them are not in a condition to work.
  • Get to work and cook.
  • I have my chance to work.
  • I had to work quickly.
  • Men and boys have to work.
  • Then he went to work.
  • I believe you do it to work me up.
  • She will set to work for herself.
  • You are not one of those who have to work.
  • Pa has had to work out all the time.
  • But how was he to set to work?

How To Use To Work In A Sentence?

  • I have to set to work again.
  • That was the way to work on them!
  • Suppose we all went to work at it.
  • Everybody ought to work.
  • When you have learned to work.
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