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How To Use Todd In A Sentence?

  • Mrs. Todd had insisted on making him a suit of clothes much against his wishes.
  • She was relieved to find that Todd danced with a heavy accuracy which kept her from stumbling....
  • He said it was commonly supposed that Sack Todd had some invention that he was jealously guarding.
  • At that moment young Todd Stewart appeared on the side porch before the dining room door.
  • Sack Todd pushed Tom toward the doorway of the ranch, and the youth went inside.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Todd | Todd Sentence

  • Sack Todd looked around.
  • Do you know what Todd said to me?
  • She was skipper of the Todd craft.
  • Sack Todd was the last man to leap into the saddle.
  • Sack Todd had galloped off at a high rate of speed.
  • They heard Todd shamble along the hall.
  • Sack Todd ripped it open quickly and scanned its contents.
  • I was telling Sack Todd about them.
  • Both Truman and Todd could swear to that.
  • At that moment Sack Todd returned.
  • I have my eye besides on Todd and Candlish.
  • She said Professor Todd had recommended it.
  • The fate of Mr Todd was signally different.
  • But Todd Stewart let no opportunity escape him.
  • It was now time for Mrs Todd to save her husband.
  • Then Sack Todd caught the youth by the arm.
  • Sack Todd glared at Tom and gave him a close inspection.
  • At this, Sack Todd set up a laugh of derision.
  • In the end, every man but Sack Todd was captured.
  • Pauline nodded sympathetically; she knew Betsy Todd of old.
  • Illustrated by Mary Todd Aaron.
  • Jo Bennington and Todd Stewart are married.
  • The very word "bill" made Mrs Todd prick up her ears.
  • A week later J. J. Todd called on her again.
  • Mrs. TODD is peculiar in her wants pecuniary.
  • Lewis Duke Nichols (great-nephew Todd Duke, Supt.
  • Tam Todd would be seeing to the young trees and fishing in the full streams.
  • Mrs Todd winna let ye follow the counsel o' yer ain heart.
  • For almost all the notes we are indebted to Dr. Todd himself.
  • We all know who his choice is, all right," Todd said.
  • This was one reason why he had told Sack Todd so much of his story.
  • I'm glad Todd and Jo had sense enough to take each other.
  • Mrs Jean Todd had on her spectacles; but her book was lying on the table.
  • In some way Jim Todd has got hold of one end of the conspiracy.
  • Upon the instant the door opened, and Mrs Jean Todd appeared before them.

Definition of Todd

(furry jargon) A male fox.
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