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  • Her shoes were out at the toes and down at the heels.
  • She wiggled her toes to herself as she meditated.
  • Dulcie studied the toes of her rosy slippers.
  • And his toes have worked round where his heels ought to be.
  • All were frozen, some losing toes and fingers.
  • Fifth day, fingers clasp firmly; toes do not.
  • Feet are felt of, and toes are carried to mouth (190).
  • Then, I clenched my toes and tried to kick.
  • I went back to my rooms with my toes scarce touching the ground.
  • Emmy Lou took the chalk and stood on her toes to reach the board.
  • First day, spreading of toes when sole of foot is touched (224).
  • But even by standing on my toes I could see only the fur tip of his cap.
  • Eyes, ears, nose, chin, toes and fingers had been torn and eaten off.
  • Zeus confound you, brute of a Spartan, your big sandals crush my toes again!
  • She didn't even seem to care to come any more to warm her toes at the stove.

How To Use Toes In A Sentence?

  • Every time the toes rested on the ground the bow descended with merciless ferocity.
  • The boy chuckled a little and dug his toes into the frozen earth, then he whistled.
  • They were drawing hard from above; his toes were barely touching the floor; he was strangling.
  • His boots, he noted, were not adapted to walking as they pinched in the toes and instep.
  • The feet of murderers are, as a rule, very short and broad, the toes flat and square-tipped.
  • All this time Edwin Shaw had been teetering on uncertain toes on the borders of the crowd.
  • Mrs. Beale thrust her toes into a pair of silver-embroidered Turkish slippers and stood up.
  • Your toiling millions were only too honored to receive the toes of our boots in the proper spot for them when they displeased their betters.
  • Turks find it hard to count beyond the number of their fingers and toes which number is the same as with human beings.
  • She stepped down to the water's edge, dabbling her outstretched toes in the flow.
  • A number of boys had built a bonfire on the shore, where they could warm their chilled toes and fingers.
  • Bill studied the toes of his moccasins and, without looking up, replied with a negative shake of his head.
  • In the case of fingers or toes a razor is used, the wound being dipped into boiling oil or pitch immediately after the operation.
  • She put out her hand and, as the general clasped it, she raised herself up on her toes in an unmistakable motion to greet him with a kiss.
  • They shuffle along with their toes turned in, wearing large yellow boots, over which they often have slippers of the same colour.
  • Here then, it is at rest, with the toes of the fore-feet performing their natural functions, which they never do when the animal is on the ground.
  • It is wonderful to see how an Arab carpenter can hold a board with his toes while his hands are busy sawing or planing it!
  • The pacha was obliged to strain his fat body to its utmost altitude, standing on the tips of his toes to enable his eyes to reach the cranny.
  • Ruthlessly her quick eyes traveled down the full length of her scant, rough skirt to the stubbed toes of her battered brown riding boots.
  • I got, in fact, so strong on my hind feet, that my toes were actually in time thicker than those of any of my race.
  • It was, therefore, with considerable gratitude that he discovered he could dig his toes into crevices in the rock, and thus hang on.
  • I made him touch his toes with his fingers and laid on the braid where it would do the most good; the more I whaled him the more he laughed.
  • The Indian regarded them thoughtfully, and again the toes wriggled comfortably beneath the pliable moose-skin covering.
  • Indeed, the toes did clear the ground, but the heels, slipping away from the lean ankles, dragged in the follow-through.
  • He rose on his toes and fell on his heels, with, the motion which Keith had remarked the first time he met him.

Definition of Toes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of toe | plural of toe
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