Told By In A Sentence

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  • This incident was told by his son.
  • The story of his explanation was not told by himself.
  • But the story of personality cannot be told by itself.
  • That tale was told by the delight with which we met.
  • But that story must be told by others.
  • I want my friends to have their fortunes told by you.
  • No man could be told by his dress.
  • A little anecdote told by the family is eloquent.
  • A song is a story told by the singer in the singing voice.
  • At least, the story told by others coincided with his own.
  • But we have been told by Capt.
  • This story will be told by Mme.
  • It is a strong story, admirably told by a master novelist.
  • The tale told by Lieut.
  • One anecdote told by Mme.
  • I heard a story told by an officer whom I believe.
  • Told by Percy Mackaye.
  • Story Told by an Officer.
  • Told by Robert Lawrence.
  • Told by Robert Lawrence.
  • Told by an English Tourist.
  • As told by an Irish Peasant.
  • A story of this conflict is told by Gregory of Tours.
  • All this was not told by Mr Caldwell that first afternoon.
  • Let us the legend relate Told by a monk in the Priory.
  • The story told by Dean Stanley has been widely circulated.
  • He had been told by Thin-in-Iron that he must cut the axle.
  • American History Told by Contemporaries.
  • Told by the Fakir 101 VI.
  • Told by the Astrologer 35 IV.
  • Told by a Norwegian girl in Eastern Massachusetts.
  • To us it has been told By Master Alfio.
  • But the Austrians were told by Pius IX.
  • Told by the Rajput Chief 5 II.
  • Jataka tales; re-told by E.C. Babbitt.

How To Use Told By In A Sentence?

  • The Hour of the Day or Night told by a suspended Shilling.
  • I am told by an American gentleman, who has seen the MSS.
  • Told by the Physician 146 VIII.
  • The first was told by Urbano Eli, a Bagobo of Malilla.
  • Told by the Afghan General 128 VII.
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