Tolerably In A Sentence

Definition of Tolerably

In a tolerable manner; to an extent that can be tolerated. | (dated) Reasonably; acceptably; somewhat.

How To Use Tolerably In A Sentence?

  • He would have been tolerably safe in England.
  • My Chinese work is tolerably far advanced.
  • The whole scheme of Silwood was now tolerably plain.
  • Some of them wrote and spoke English tolerably well.
  • This Winchester is a place tolerably well suited to me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tolerably | Tolerably Sentence

  • He was tolerably sure.
  • Was she tolerably well off?
  • They knew each other tolerably well.
  • I am tolerably mistress of my own countenance.
  • He was tolerably sobered when he got there.
  • It was tolerably intelligent and refined.
  • It will be a tolerably good stroke.
  • Their different parts are tolerably alike.
  • I am very glad to hear you are tolerably well.
  • It is fortunate that my prison is tolerably spacious.
  • At last he was tolerably sure that he had located it.
  • It seemed a tolerably secure berth.
  • I bring a tolerably decent manhood.
  • Things over here go on a tolerably even keel.
  • The drift of your remarks is tolerably clear.
  • The best sorts are tolerably agreeable.
  • Boon has made it very tolerably to-day.
  • And yet we say are tolerably well.
  • I think this must be tolerably evident to all.
  • She knew her friend tolerably well.
  • The hour passed tolerably well.
  • They appeared to me to be tolerably evenly balanced.
  • It was tolerably certain that he would die if he stayed.
  • Insects were tolerably plentiful, but unequal.
  • The luncheon after all passed off quite tolerably well.
  • They have some songs and dances in tolerably regular time.
  • A coiner or a smuggler shall get off tolerably well.
  • Five tolerably fine days had now succeeded one another.
  • The houses and public places are tolerably well-built.
  • A tolerably long calm succeeded this last struggle.
  • The blade was straight and clean, and tolerably sharp.
  • And so saying, he produced a tolerably full purse.
  • The sails were lowered, and the yacht rode tolerably easy.
  • There is no Portrait of him which tolerably resembles.
  • It was, as life goes, a tolerably dark hour.

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