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  • But mere toleration was all they needed.
  • A general toleration therefore reigned.
  • And such toleration is the rule to-day.
  • He had no toleration for dishonesty, impudence or sham.
  • The second was an equally ardent love of toleration ...
  • Tolerance, toleration = tolereco, toleremo.
  • Second edict of toleration (from Milan).
  • First edict of toleration (by Galerius).
  • Maryland Toleration Act.
  • Here again we have to note the progress of toleration and humanitarianism.
  • Only so much toleration is granted as is needful to the occasion.
  • Absolute religious toleration and freedom of belief for all peoples.
  • In a democracy the spirit of all should be one of toleration and kindness.
  • It was the first toleration act in the history of modern times.
  • He had neither patience nor toleration for natural human weakness.
  • There is a point where toleration sinks into sheer baseness and poltroonery.
  • But toleration was rare in his age, and he was not beyond it.
  • What proof of infidelity, like the toleration and propagandism of slavery?
  • His first step was to proclaim full toleration for all sorts and sects of men.
  • This was the first toleration act in the history of America.
  • And this, my brethren, may teach us toleration and compassion for the rich.
  • He showed plainly that the Protestants were to find no toleration henceforth.
  • We must not strain the toleration of the French authorities too much!
  • Before this epoch Maryland toleration had been merely a practical fact.
  • This is the religious liberty of God; the toleration of Jehovah.
  • Arminians excluded from toleration in the Netherlands, 298, 312, n. 18.
  • Religious toleration had been the rule of the Moslem States in Spain.

How To Use Toleration In A Sentence?

  • I am infinitely obliged to you for your kind understanding and your toleration of my errors.
  • But their toleration was not broad enough to cover any other form of religious belief.
  • The earliest of these is the stage of universal toleration which was made possible by polytheism.
  • In addition to religious toleration they now demanded the redress of political grievances.
  • Never very patient at any time, the girl was entirely aggravated out of all toleration now.
  • If they are not to be kept apart, then we must prepare for an unprecedented toleration of lovers.
  • Royal toleration having been cautiously granted, the next task was to secure financial patronage.
  • Reverence is the virtue of ignorance; and the American girl has no toleration for ignorance.
  • Here we reach the highest point of toleration which Christians received in the first 130 years.
  • Even here, where Baltimorean toleration reaches high tide, no philosophic congruity is sought.
  • Nor in the case of poor Conrad Vorst did he manifest more toleration or dignity.
  • The sort of toleration expressed in the rescript of Pius to the province of Asia is withdrawn.
  • He, therefore, began by proclaiming toleration to all but Anomoeans and Photinians.

Definition of Toleration

(obsolete) Endurance of evil, suffering etc. | The allowance of something not explicitly approved; tolerance, forbearance. | Specifically, the allowance by a government (or other ruling power) of the exercise of religion beyond the state established faith.
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