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  • What is a woman going to say when she has a tombstone thrown in her face like that?
  • He had been picked up at sea, and stood in no present need of tombstone or epitaph.
  • The weeds were already matted over it, and the tombstone was half hid among nettles.
  • His body was buried at Ratisbon, but the tombstone was destroyed during the war then raging.
  • A tombstone is the last thing on earth that Welborne would want to think about or talk about.
  • And yet, it was clearly proved before the House of Lords that no such tombstone ever existed.
  • There was more in her house than the tombstone rectitude of the chair-backs to remind me of the graveyard.
  • My tombstone would have been some hundreds of muster-rolls and my obituary a fortune to a newspaper.
  • That report which had got into the country with regard to her funeral and tombstone began to be very flatly contradicted.
  • They are looking at a gentleman who is standing all alone on a big flat tombstone near the church wall.
  • His memory still survives in his home, and an inscription on his tombstone records his extraordinary powers.
  • She was in the act of mounting upon a flat tombstone which lay close in the wall's shadow.
  • Taking off his wrapper he seated himself upon a tombstone and began cutting it into pieces, shaping a short sleeveless jacket.
  • Just above, on the flat tombstone that jutted over the ridge, stood a beautiful lady, and looked down on them.
  • His square, upright tombstone stands in the village graveyard, and commemorates the stocky virtues of integrity and piety.
  • Since the cattle trade did not employ their whole energy, they oft repaired to a nearby trail and stopped the Tombstone stage.
  • On turning again my eye fell instantly on the word "Beethoven" in golden letters on a tombstone of gray marble.
  • This tombstone is very perfect; lying in a loose, unconnected manner, as you enter the chapel; the chapel itself having a crypt-like appearance.
  • He set Pip on a tombstone and tilted him so far back that the church steeple seemed to turn a somersault, growling at him in a terrible voice.
  • Perfectly an English gentleman of the higher order, he seemed the effigy of a tombstone one, fixed upright, and civilly proud of his effigy bride.
  • A weeping-willow drooped above him, and on the tombstone at his side were two angels supporting the initials of the late Mrs. Tucker.
  • Scar was waiting for them outside, sitting on a little tombstone in the sunshine, and a number of Far Edgerley people were standing about the gate.
  • From another quarter came the assurance that I was wrong when I set up a tombstone with a name upon it in a Quaker graveyard.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tombstone | Tombstone Sentence

  • When and how this tombstone was placed there is not known.
  • She felt for the tombstone and sat down.
  • I could get no tombstone to place over his remains.
  • They were drifting over the Tombstone grounds.
  • He got it, of course, and enough for a tombstone besides.
  • His friends surely will raise to him no ostentatious tombstone or statue.
  • He sat on a tombstone near his mother's grave.
  • I walked on and hung about outside till the tombstone man come out.
  • Or, as his tombstone has it, he developed the resources of his country.
  • It was a tombstone in memory of an infant, aged eight months.
  • He returned to Trefusis to say that the tombstone job had ruined him.
  • The tombstone on the floor is that of Gundrada, brought here from Isfield.
  • Don't you think he ought to have a tombstone telling about it?
  • You see, at first it wasn't a tombstone but a marble-top dresser.
  • Forgotten" will never be written upon the tombstone of Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • Upon a tombstone in Pennsylvania: "Battle of Shiloh.
  • I'm agent for the Adamantyne Tombstone Company, of Tennessee.

Definition of Tombstone

(Britain, intransitive) To take part in tombstoning: to jump into the sea, etc. from a cliff or other high point so as to enter the water vertically straight. | (surfing) For a surfboard to stand upright half-submerged in the water (like a tombstone, above) because the surfer is underwater with his or her legrope pulled tight. Often this indicates a surfer in difficulty, either held down by the power of a wave or unconscious and unable to get to the surface. | (transitive, computing, Microsoft Windows) To replace (an object or data) with a tombstone marker.
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