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  • Even surface rhythm is entirely missing: the tonal masses decidedly overweigh on the left.
  • Klein made a cylindrical apparatus with a tonal buzzer, operated by electricity, at one end.
  • And this was apparent when he started in and wandered up and down the tonal till he managed to strike the tonic.
  • It was like the hissing of innumerable snakes against a tonal background of muffled continuous thunder.
  • In this case the critic will note exactly the same sort of differences in tonal value as in the case of the violinist.
  • Certain colors attract him, for he sees an affinity between them and the tonal effects he strives to produce.
  • Definiteness in tonal relations and rhythmic plan is requisite to produce a defined, enduring impression.
  • They are apparently born with an appreciation of tonal values that others might work years to attain in vain.
  • Vividly clear as it is to the critic, his understanding of tonal values is lodged solely in his cultivated ear.
  • Through it a tone-picture is invested with animation, and a clue is given to the disposition of tonal forms.
  • It is often said that the pianist cannot easily judge of the tonal effects he is producing, as he is too near the instrument.
  • His crayon drawings, from the standpoint of tonal experimentation, are interesting and seem almost like paintings.
  • The pianist who desires to play effectively, must continually strive for variety of tone, for tonal coloring.
  • But afar as were these tonal silhouettes, traced against the evening air, his practised hearing told him that they were made by an artist.
  • Upon these two means of administering force must depend whatever differentiation in dynamic power and tonal quality the player desires to produce.
  • Singing on the breath is an effect of wondrous tonal beauty; it is simply this, pure beauty, pristine and naive.
  • While attentive listening renders the ear more keen and discriminating, no vocal student of average gifts need be told the meaning of tonal beauty.
  • Of course scales must be carefully studied, with various accents, rhythms and tonal dynamics; arpeggios also.
  • Along with these, however, I would always give some simple music to play, so that the tonal and musical sense shall not be neglected.
  • Those forms which give symmetry and proportion to the outward structure of the tonal art were pruned and polished under ecclesiastical surveillance until spontaneity was endangered.
  • The author deplores the misuse of the damper pedal, which can be made to ruin all the care and effort bestowed on phrasing and tonal effects by the fingers.
  • He lived from 1803 to 1869, and because of his audacity in using new and startling tonal effects was called the most flagrant musical heretic of the nineteenth century.
  • He should think first and always of the kind of tone he is eliciting from the instrument, and determine whether it is the most appropriate tonal quality for the proper interpretation of the piece he is playing.
  • Some even take pleasure in formulating into words the sensations evoked by the ebb and flow of the tonal waves, and fancy they are thus deriving intellectual profit from music.
  • The piano is capable of a wonderful variety of tonal shading, and its keys will respond most ideally to the true musician who understands how to awaken and bring forth all this tonal beauty from the instrument.
  • Before you place your fingers on the keyboard you should have formed your ideal mental conception of the proper rhythm, the proper tonal quality, the aesthetic values and the harmonic content.
  • Polish patriotism steeped in Parisian elegance shaped his genius, and his compositions portray the emotions of his people in exquisitely polished tonal language.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tonal | Tonal Sentence

  • The tonal language is one that is not translatable into words.
  • The drawing came afterward as a direct result of the tonal volumes.
  • As to tonal color, he requires all possible variety in tone production.
  • A tonal language that gives their Imperial English a pleasant lilt.

Definition of Tonal

Of or relating to tones or tonality. | (music) Employing tones that have a predictable relationship to some tonic. | (linguistics) Employing differences in pitch (tones) to distinguish differences in the meaning of otherwise similar words (words which would otherwise be homophonic).
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