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  • Then his tone changed.
  • His tone was very gentle.
  • Her tone was very gentle.
  • He asked in a tone of bewilderment.
  • There was a tone in her voice that was new to him.
  • Then his tone was mild and smooth.
  • This time his tone was more serious.
  • His tone had become offensively familiar.
  • His tone and manner now were completely changed.
  • His eyes as well as his tone were full of seriousness.
  • The tone was curt, as if repelling a liberty.
  • His fists were clenched, his tone thick with passion.
  • The old mocking, reckless tone crept into his voice again.
  • The icy tone of these words cut Banfi to the heart.
  • She had even to struggle to keep her tone as careless as her words.
  • Goodell's tone was full of gentle raillery.
  • Jesse said, in a tone of remonstrance, as she resumed the milking.
  • To this hour I cannot find in my memory the tone in which he spoke that day.
  • What she said, and the tone in which she said it, cut Mark to the heart.
  • Gray's tone of cool superiority was not resented by the wayfarer.
  • Though the young man's eyes reflected her smile, his tone was serious.
  • Look out, sir," kept on repeating themselves in his head in a tone of warning.

How To Use Tone In A Sentence?

  • The weakness of his tone and the pallid features of him vouched for the truth of his statement.
  • He seemed more awkward and ill at ease than ever, and his tone was almost threatening.
  • Her voice was in tone satirical, and she spoke like one accustomed to be obeyed.
  • His tone was so mild and reasonable that Gray felt no difficulty in answering him.
  • The public tone toward the latest manifestation of our "war policy" was punctiliously correct.
  • His voice, not susceptible of change in its tone of Southern sweetness, identified him.
  • I thought, but I did not say so, there was a preventive hush in his tone and manner.
  • The professor confessed in a jocular tone his impatience to complete the circuit of the globe and be done with it.
  • The tone of regret suggests an underlying consciousness of the hopeless ignorance inevitable under the conditions of their narrow lot.
  • Though her tone was not well-bred, he realized that she was neither as uneducated nor as degraded as he had at first believed.
  • Her tone dripped bitterness, and the lines of her pale lips settled into an expression of scornful resignation.
  • Only that one word uttered steadily and softly in a tone of imploring helplessness like the wail of a frightened child.
  • I heard a cry, and one of my men spoke in a tone that assured me my imagination had not been playing a trick.
  • Renouard detected with horror a tone of resentment, as if the professor had never forgiven his daughter for not dying instead of his son.
  • There was a curious gravity about his consideration of Gershom in spite of the satirical tone of his responses.
  • He had never told her that he loved her; yet she saw it in every glance of his eyes and heard it in every tone of his voice.
  • Philippa, cold and reserved, with a threat lurking all the time in her tone and manner, became its guiding spirit.
  • She spoke a few words to Jerry, but in so low a tone his few followers who had gathered round could not hear.

Definition of Tone

(transitive) to give a particular tone to | (transitive) to change the colour of | (transitive) to make (something) firmer
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