Tongues in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Tongues

1. All stuck out their tongues at him. 🔊

2. We can get our tongues round that. 🔊

3. The readiest tongues ceased to chatter. 🔊

4. And talked strange tongues with angels in her trances. 🔊

5. He could hear the babel of tongues from his security. 🔊

6. Other tongues have, or pretend, a greater modesty. 🔊

7. And how could the confusion of tongues prevent its construction? 🔊

8. They can lay their tongues to the names of the men who form the gang. 🔊

9. On the caps opposite are two heads with tongues on their teeth (see p. 92). 🔊

10. But whispering tongues can poison truth: And constancy lives in realms above. 🔊

How to use Tongues in Sentences?

1. Malicious tongues have repeated to him the stupid gossip that is going about in the district. 🔊

2. It is not set off in a niche protected from the acid of secular tongues and minds. 🔊

3. The faithful austerity of the sea protected him from the rumours that fly on the tongues of men. 🔊

4. Nearer and nearer came the pack, their red tongues lolling from their black throats. 🔊

5. And suddenly, as he groped, the wall spat out angry tongues of corrosive red flame. 🔊

6. The magic word "spy" let loose the tongues and passions of every man within hearing. 🔊