Too Close In A Sentence

How To Use Too Close In A Sentence?

  • I admit I was too close.
  • Some red star had come too close to the earth....
  • They were small, bloodshot, and set too close together.
  • The Germans are still too close for comfort.
  • Are the forelegs, and hind legs also, too close together?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Too Close | Too Close Sentence

  • Altogether too close.
  • Too close to the enemy.
  • You keep her too close.
  • Harry was too close to her to be ignored.
  • You are too close together.
  • Too close to be pleasant.
  • Too close to islands with civilization on them.
  • It came too close home.
  • Seat yourself not too close to nor too far from the table.
  • One of them was bearing too close to the shore.
  • But they must not come too close.
  • And no guardianship is too close for this end.
  • How can he be too prudent or too close-mouthed?
  • We dared not come too close to them.
  • He was too close to stretch out the glide!
  • I am afraid you look too close.
  • We are too close to it to understand it fairly.
  • Hansen had carelessly sailed too close.
  • The range was too close for a torpedo.
  • One of his dancing tormentors got in too close.
  • And they keep my nose too close to the grindstone.
  • The siren was getting a little too close.
  • Too close planting will not prove satisfactory.
  • Not too close, fortunately.
  • Several of these came altogether too close for comfort.
  • They were too close together to make use of their weapons.
  • We was too close under the wall for thim to hurt us.
  • From time to time he lurched entirely too close to her.
  • I ventured a trifle too close and he nailed me, too.
  • The stallion lunged ahead while bullets buzzed too close.
  • Carter, your driver is g-going too close!
  • His mental quest led him too close to a dangerous secret.
  • But the bullets followed them, too close for comfort.
  • The pattern is inelegant, and the sound-holes too close.
  • It was a jolly sight too close....
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