Too Long In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Too Long | Too Long Sentence

  • It has been too long.
  • Would it be too long?
  • She had been too long by herself.
  • Put it off a little too long.
  • Do not grieve for me too long.
  • His was too short or too long.
  • May it not be put off too long!
  • They had been confidantes too long.
  • It is too long to read to you.
  • I stayed between them too long.
  • His nose was too long.
  • Peter did by staying up too long.
  • You have been here too long already.
  • My legs are too long.
  • It would not be too long.
  • I have listened to you too long.
  • It will take too long.
  • When it is too long or too frequent.
  • But he had waited too long.
  • Napoleon had delayed too long.
  • It had been much too long as it was.
  • But he had waited too long.
  • But he had delayed too long.
  • It has lasted too long.
  • I stayed out too long.
  • I had to beg too long for it.
  • You have had your way too long.
  • But had we not delayed too long?
  • That is too long for one.
  • She has stayed in too long.
  • It could not be too long.
  • Fortunately it did not last too long.
  • I have borne all this too long.
  • I have been away too long.
  • He had neglected himself too long.

How To Use Too Long In A Sentence?

  • We have borne it too long.
  • Perhaps she had known him too long.
  • They had been too long neglected.
  • I have known them too long.
  • I have delayed you too long.
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