Too Old In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Too Old | Too Old Sentence

  • She was too old now for that.
  • Was she too old for passion?
  • I am too old for chaff.
  • But he is positively too old.
  • He is too old to be a chief.
  • You are too old to drudge.
  • Was she afraid because he was too old for her?
  • You are too fat and too old.
  • Perhaps you find you are too old?
  • I am now too old to hunt.
  • I am too old and dependent.
  • He was too old to begin at the beginning.
  • He was too old for anything else.
  • I am getting too old for riding.
  • Was she too old for a foundling hospital?
  • You have been too old these twenty years.
  • He was too old to take such chances.
  • He was much too old for you anyhow.
  • Was mother too old for this transplanting?
  • No woman is ever too old for that.
  • I am too old to bear up against these evils.
  • I am too old for this young country.
  • I gets too old for that after a bit.
  • Much too old for that private school.
  • Many were much too old or too young.
  • No man was any longer too old at forty.
  • When the grains become yellow it is too old.
  • I am too old and too respektable to be a phool enny more.
  • I am too old to take proper care of her.
  • The fact is he is too old for me to talk to him freely.
  • But he was too old in the healing art to blush.
  • The only man who is too old is the man who is over 38.
  • And you too, old bean.
  • He was too old now to begin learning a new trade.
  • He is too old for her, but that is always the way.

How To Use Too Old In A Sentence?

  • The teacher seemed to her too old to wear pink.
  • The one is too old, the other too young.
  • But she was too old for croup, of course.
  • Too old to be a hero and not old enough to die.
  • Svirski felt too old for this, and too sceptical.

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