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How To Use Took In A Sentence?

  • He took down from the shelves that overshadowed it three or four volumes in succession.
  • Walking to the theatre, they once took the wrong turning and had to ask the way.
  • The amount of tea and goor they took away and consumed with benefit to themselves was surprising.
  • My mother took my fingers and laid them along her own, which were scarcely larger.
  • The real everyday world dropped away and a more real and vital world took its place.
  • However, he came up now and took his stand by her side, and they soon began to talk.
  • He fetched her shawl, and took her hand again in his, knowing that by so doing he made her happy.
  • A frightened look passed into her face; she turned from him; he took her hands.
  • He came in about nine, took a cup of coffee from the counter, and settled himself for a snooze.
  • Aronach took no notice, but went on pouring coffee, one cup of which he set by the kitten.
  • It took hours, of course, before our five-mile-long column had reached the top.
  • He played three; and then, thinking he had done enough, he took up a novel and began to read.
  • I was transported; I was eager to retain her good opinion, and took immense pains.
  • His house lay on the road which the escort to the post always took between Chaksam and Pete-jong.
  • Well, Emily, since you ask me, I must say that I think she took it very good-humouredly.
  • He had just four pounds, and the calculation how long he could live on such a sum took him some time.
  • Julia took her eyes from her husband's face, and looked dreamily into the fire.
  • Most messes had soon run out of whiskey, and rum in small quantities from the supply column took its place.
  • And when the latter at last moved off, it of course took an appreciable interval of time before the next mule followed suit.
  • The effect of all the coin that we took to and left in the country must have had a curious economic effect on Tibet.
  • She took walks with her while Patricia was at her lesson or otherwise occupied, and she went to afternoon service with her.
  • Millicent took it calmly, though she blushed, as she always did when face to face with strangers, and she motioned him to the sofa.
  • Well, anyone would know you used a bath-brush and took care of your hair," she ended lamely.
  • Emily took the hoop-stick, the old doll, and the broken box of water-colours, and packed them away carefully.
  • Well, the other day, when we were at the Eastwicks, you took the chair next to mine when she left the room.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Took | Took Sentence

  • I took no notice of them.
  • Hubert took the little hand in his.
  • Thank you for the trouble you took to fetch it.
  • Julia took the chair nearest to her.
  • Reaching forth her hand, she took it.
  • Thone was with me, and took care of me in that wild place.
  • I ran across, and again took my stand beside him.
  • She took it and pinned it on her, and told me to be a good child.
  • He showed satisfaction as he took possession of his well-earned reward.
  • When I concluded the fourth, he turned, and took my hand in his.
  • And then I took Hubert into the garden and showed him the flowers.
  • Then Aronach took a chair, and admonished Santonio to do the same.
  • From Gyantse to Ralung is a steady upward incline, and took us three days.
  • But I had seen no person, only, as I have said, a shadow, and took no note.
  • A few minutes' walk took us to the top of the pass, 16,800 feet.

Definition of Took

simple past tense of take | (obsolete or dialectal) past participle of take
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