Took Their In A Sentence

How To Use Took Their In A Sentence?

  • The other couples took their respective positions.
  • All the others took their places at the benches.
  • Then they took their nets and went to fish.
  • Quickly they took their way to the edge of the wood.
  • Claude when her numerous guests took their departure.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Took Their | Took Their Sentence

  • She took their only child with her.
  • They took their seats.
  • And you took their money.
  • Then they took their flight.
  • The people all took their work to him.
  • They took their seats in the phaeton.
  • Peace and love took their place.
  • Children players took their places.
  • They all took their pattas and other articles.
  • They took their sight and fired.
  • She took their breath away.
  • Then the boys took their leave.
  • The astronomers now took their turn.
  • Willing just before they took their places in the boat.
  • Something else took their place.
  • Thence they took their outfits into the diggings.
  • At last they took their places.
  • A girl took their orders.
  • And the gentlemen took their leave.
  • After dinner they all took their coaches.
  • Then all three took their way homewards.
  • The dog and his master took their leave.
  • Yet the women took their secret troubles to her.
  • He took their blows without return.
  • And the way those men took their suffering!
  • The three boys then took their leave.
  • Musicians came streaming in and took their places.
  • Douglas took their celebrity rather sulkily.
  • Dick followed him in and they took their accustomed chairs.
  • Armstrong took their kettle and bucket down to the river.
  • They took their stand along its crest.
  • The members took their work very seriously.
  • One after another the boys took their turn.
  • With this the parson and the squire took their departure.
  • They took their boys down to an ocean beach.
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