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  • He wondered if he were to go into the river in that bag, with the tools for weight.
  • But, unfortunately, he had not provided himself with the tools for the emergency.
  • Who sells tools for refitting steam valves without unscrewing them from the pipes?
  • If a filigree coronet was wanted, he took up his tools for metal and jewelry work.
  • Charley had no tools for handling wire, and he decided that he would henceforth carry a pair of nippers in his clothes.
  • On the other hand, one of the most promising sets of tools for building biofuels comes from synthetic biology.
  • You have no more right to ask the Company to do this work for nothing than you have to ask it to buy your tools for you.
  • Indeed, in many parts of the works one notices the men changing their tools for others of different size or application.
  • Often, the forge and the anvil, with tools for rough iron working, were added to the equipment of the farm.
  • With these tools for work, every man went at the job, and in half an hour the crevice caused by the quake was temporarily filled up.
  • Mr. Buck and myself concluded we would try our luck at lead mining for the summer and purchased some mining tools for the purpose.
  • I thanked him and was pleased with everything, praising and admiring, though I wondered all the time what he had bought the garden tools for.
  • Then the leper begged of the stranger to bring tools for digging, and to bury him there; and he was the first dead man to be buried in Clonmacnois.
  • And Bob wrote down last week to say that I was to sell the lasts and tools for what they would fetch.
  • Some of these tools for planing, boring, rivetting, welding, cutting iron and other metals, are to be found in great iron manufactories.
  • On being apprenticed to a type-founder, he exhibited his aptitude for mechanical contrivances by inventing a number of improved tools for the use of the workmen.
  • His odious administration of the odious office of Provost Marshal General showed him to be fittest of tools for their purpose.
  • If I had but proper tools for wood carving and a store of oak and walnut, I might one day make a fortune for you.
  • She turned with absorbed interest to the primer and elementary arithmetic with which Brick had supplied himself as the first tools for his mental kit.
  • This provision consisted of seed, farm implements, tools for building purposes, and food and clothing for a year or two after settling in the country.
  • They were much astonished on the occasion of a trading-vessel being built at Guivam, to see the great variety of tools for carpentry which were used.
  • Therefore the proper tools for after-cultivation in the garden are the hoe and rake and for field work narrow-toothed harrows and cultivators or horse-hoes which stir the whole surface thoroughly to a moderate depth.
  • I have already pointed out, in general, how to hold tools for grinding purposes, this description applying particularly to chisels, but several additional things may be added.
  • The Mechanical Engineering shops join the forges, and in them will be found many of those beautiful self-acting tools for which this age is so remarkable.
  • Memory, comparison, judgment, and calculation may be strengthened by a judicious and well-proportioned teaching of the elements of languages and numbers, thus insuring the tools for future acquisition.
  • It was necessary for Mr. Baldwin to do much of the work with his own hands, to educate the workmen who assisted him, and to improvise tools for the various processes.
  • Fathers, by providing tools for their boys, and showing them how to make wheelbarrows, carts, sleds, and various other articles, contribute both to the physical, moral, and social, improvement of their children.
  • But it was not till the resources of modern science forged new tools for the inquirer that it became possible to chisel out from the bedrock of fact the main features of man's physical and social history.
  • He may not be much of an artist, but in his rude way he will make a very commendable drawing of his job and will thus be enabled to determine beforehand exactly what to do to effect it, just the time to begin his tapers and angles, the direction of the bend, and the tools for doing it.
  • Pigeons having heavy bodies and weak feet and bills (imperfect tools for forming a delicate structure) build rude, flat nests of sticks, laid across strong branches which will bear their weight and that of their bulky young.
  • They needed no weapons, for no enemies ever came near their land; and no tools, for everything was readymade to their hand; and the stern old fairy Necessity never came near them to hunt them up, and make them use their wits, or die.
  • She had filled the stockings with such inexpensive but loving remembrances as she could afford, and had tottered dangerously near the brink of another flood of tears when Malloy and his wife came in, the one with a box of tools for Phil, the other with a set of china for the doll-house.
  • There have been times lately when politics has seemed the pettiest game played with mean tools for mean ends--and none the less so that the happiness of three hundred million people might be touched by our follies.
  • There is one matter, however, in which, notwithstanding the many facilities at hand for perfect equipment, the works resembles most other establishments, and that is in the frequently defective supply of proper tools for the workmen and the too great tendency to use anything that may be lying about for a makeshift.

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  • Biological viruses are tools for the replication of genetic information.
  • A sharp knife and a straight-edge are the only tools for this work.
  • They are, humanly speaking, perfect tools for the achievement of great drama.
  • And Congress and the president are today the merest tools for these purposes.
  • From that time God the Holy Ghost has given me better tools for my workmanship.
  • Have you any tools for me?"
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