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How To Use Tooted In A Sentence?

  • She gazed at me from the car-platform; the locomotive tooted two drawling toots.
  • Now every time he passed the little house where she lived he tooted his whistle like that in salutation.
  • As the cars drew into the station they tooted their delight agin and agin at our safe return as the train stopped.
  • Then the locomotive tooted leisurely; there came a jolt, a resonant clash; and the train was under way.
  • We packed into two big sleighs, and as soon as we got out into the country we sang songs, and tooted horns, and had an awfully good time.
  • Presently the triple-toned motor horn of the Imperial automobile tooted from afar the signal that the Kaiser was approaching.
  • It did not take long to reach the Sanderson farm, and as they entered the lane Sam tooted his horn loudly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tooted | Tooted Sentence

  • The skunk in the buzz-wagon tooted again.
  • And once more they moved off, and again some of the boys tooted their horns.
  • He even tooted his whistle several times as though in greeting.
  • It parked at the curb, and the driver tooted several times as if in signal.
  • We tooted our horn and honked up its western side to the Potteries.
  • She tooted the horn until Penny put on her coat and went outside.
  • This man was reading letters when the Ponk car tooted before the big window.

Definition of Tooted

simple past tense and past participle of toot
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