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  • The topaz cufflinks mystery.
  • Diamond, topaz and ruby!
  • Then the topaz globe twitched as a bubble vanishes.
  • The clasps must match topaz eyes.
  • She had never seen the Topaz at sunrise!
  • This was Topaz Gulch on a certain wintry morning.
  • Black o'er the topaz beauty of her breast.
  • Both of them were dressed in green and wore topaz necklaces.
  • He poured himself two inches of the topaz liquor; it rocked in the glass.
  • One can see that when his eyes look like topaz fire, and his face turns red.
  • I told you in Topaz Gulch that I had much to explain and you much to forgive.

How To Use Topaz In A Sentence?

  • A crest of topaz is no better in the struggle for existence than a crest of sapphire.
  • It consisted in a couple of snakes in old gold clenching an enormous topaz between their heads.
  • Amid the gaiety of topaz seals, Carved though they were with heads, and arms, and wheels.
  • Over the marshes at the hour of dusk when the bronze and topaz are quenched passes the breath of foreboding.
  • He thought of the elegant rubies and sapphires and topaz of the garters he had ordered for his master but four months gone.
  • Some day they'll find out how to work the Topaz Desert as a paying proposition.
  • Thus he classes the stones together, adding that the balas, though light in colour, is a ruby, and the topaz a sapphire.
  • Emma felt about, opening and closing her eyes, while the drops of dew hanging from her hair formed, as it were, a topaz aureole around her face.
  • About my naked ankles tawny topaz chains you wound, With clasps of carven onyx, ruby-rimmed and golden bound.
  • The flying-fishes scatter; the chattering magpies scream, The topaz hummers dart and dip; their jewelled feathers gleam.

Definition of Topaz

Of a yellowish-brown color, like that of the gemstone. | A silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine, usually tinted by impurities. | An often clear, yellowish-brown gemstone cut from this.
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