Topped In A Sentence

Definition of Topped

simple past tense and past participle of top

How To Use Topped In A Sentence?

  • They would have to zigzag up the hill and find the stream after they topped the crest.
  • The buttresses of the nave are plain narrow bands of stone topped with small pinnacles.
  • Ahead of the charging mob the road for a hundred yards showed clear as it topped a slight ascent.
  • The waggonette had topped the rise, and was now descending a similarly wood-fringed road.
  • At the last hole she made a poor topped drive and the ball landed in a bad lie.
  • Close to the central building rose a hundred-foot tower, topped by the watch-beacon.
  • After a long tramp, they topped the final ridge and paused to rest and study the country.
  • The big man topped him by a couple of inches, and bore down as if to smother him by sheer weight.
  • These are sharp and topped with gristle, and will not support weight, still less attrition.
  • Beyond the piano were half a dozen little tables, white topped and ready for a hungry guest.
  • As we topped the bluffs, and drew out into the open, she sat up and began to rearrange her hair.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Topped | Topped Sentence

  • They topped the brow.
  • They topped a rise as he spoke.
  • They topped the brow of a hill.
  • The ruined tower topped them to the south.
  • Just then a figure topped the ridge beyond them.
  • His voice topped the murmurs at the table.
  • The sledge bearing the whaleboat topped the hummock.
  • The towers are topped with large battlements and pinnacles.
  • Serve topped with browned, hot butter.
  • Bushy eyebrows topped a pair of cold grey eyes.
  • I've played my game and topped the widow's part!
  • We had high topped shoes fer Sunday.
  • Four-Pound-the-Second had topped the brow half a mile away.
  • You've topped the pile with it.
  • Finally they topped the ridge and went down into the next valley.
  • What there was was behind him, and he topped his ball heavily.
  • The buckboard topped the rise and leveled to the tree-girdled mesa.
  • Racey topped his mount, but as the horse started he held him up.
  • Presently they topped a little hillock, and looked down into the park.
  • As they topped a low rise a coyote sprang up and floated away.
  • They topped the crest and drew out into full view of the whole army.
  • The farmer's house with a red roof topped the hill.
  • When we topped a ridge of this slope the wind struck us strong in the face.
  • It had topped it before, very often, but that was years ago.
  • The trees are planted in rows, and are kept topped to about seven feet high.
  • It was shingled, and topped with a low-eaved roof of attractive green tiles.
  • Uncle Walter had been husking the corn he had topped and left on the hill.
  • Then, as the command car topped a rise, the major pointed ahead.
  • He topped the ridge and looked down upon Cattleland at its busiest.

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