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  • I thought a tornado had struck me.
  • Socrates was like a tornado when inflamed by anger.
  • From there he could watch the tornado of the elements.
  • We drove away in a perfect tornado of applause.
  • Right in the center of the tornado stood a small cabin.
  • Then, let the tornado rage as it will, they are safe.
  • All the time a perfect tornado of fire sweeps down upon them.
  • He sent us pictures taken of the tornado damage in that area.
  • Amidst a tornado of maddening cheers and cries the trio raced neck and neck.
  • All the tornado an' buckin'-bronco business may be a waste of talk.
  • I heard similar declarations when Chicago was swept by its tornado of flame.
  • On the 28th day of June, 1859, a memorable tornado swept over the place.
  • Instead of that, it is, if I may so speak, a tornado of ruin and misfortune.

How To Use Tornado In A Sentence?

  • At the sight the alley was cleared as suddenly as if a tornado had swept through it.
  • He flung the book down and was on me like the tornado we had just run through ...
  • The truth was that a tornado would hardly have caused her to swerve an inch from her chosen path.
  • Like a tornado they bore down on the men near the gate, toward which the timber was directed.
  • Do not remain in a trailer or mobile home if a tornado is approaching; take cover elsewhere.
  • The tornado originated about 100 miles southwest of Racine, Wis., in northern Illinois.
  • His wrath had been increased until it resembled a tornado when he read the reward placard in the uplands.
  • Out of it came the regular flashes of guns for a while as the prelude to the unloosing of the tornado before the attack.
  • The same tornado drove the ships in the roadstead to the bottom of the sea or burned them before they could escape.
  • It was like a tornado blowin' through a fog-horn with a megaphone in front of it.
  • Scarcely had we become settled than a tornado broke over the canyon and we were enveloped in a blinding whirl of rain and sand.
  • Reference has been made in a former chapter to tornado winds; they are rather exceptional phenomena and not thoroughly understood.
  • Almost in the same second, at one world-swallowing stride, the heart of the tornado reached the clearing.
  • The funnel-shaped cloud passed over the lake, but the tornado character of the storm was broken up before it reached the other shore.
  • The rebel battery in the fort began hurling a tornado of shells as near as they could bring their guns to bear on the yelling.
  • Then the hunters gave the rein to their eager steeds, and the long line rushed upon the game like a tornado of centaurs.
  • The warning means that a tornado has actually been sighted, and this (or other tornadoes) may strike in your vicinity.
  • The spiral motion that is common to all cyclones, in a tornado seems to be gathered up into a condensed form, like a funnel.
  • According to the statements we receive, the citizens take to the prairies the moment a tornado strikes a Kansas town.
  • About all the coast, the surf, roused by the tornado of the night, beat with a particular fury and made a fringe of snow.
  • In the winter evenings the family gathered around the great blazing logs, whose yellow flames roared like a tornado as they shot up the chimney.
  • A mighty tornado suddenly burst upon the Russian armies, and the whole aspect of the war was changed.
  • Across the plain a tornado of shells swept upon the German positions, and in many places the trenches were pounded into utter ruin.
  • I was unhurt; the trees close about me had not lost a bough; and I might have thought at first that the tornado was a feature in a dream.
  • When a tornado passes from land to water it becomes a waterspout only when the cloud-funnel hangs low enough and the gyratory energy is sufficiently great.
  • A temper that is like a tornado in its violence at least clears the air as it passes, and is usually followed by quick repentance and ready reparation.
  • He fell upon Mrs. Buttershaw, a slatternly and sour-visaged woman, and hurled at her a tornado of questions.

Definition of Tornado

(meteorology) A violent windstorm characterized by a mobile, twisting, funnel-shaped cloud.
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