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  • Then began the tortuous descent.
  • They climbed up to the seat and the tortuous journey began.
  • They are narrow, very tortuous and very crowded.
  • Yet lately he seemed to have been forced into tortuous paths.
  • Two more glasses of vodka wended their tortuous ways into the interior.
  • To listen to the tortuous talker is a supreme test of patience.
  • But the others were soon groping blindly up the tortuous channel.
  • He had not called it the jungle, but he had been lost in its tortuous ways.
  • What to do next, what tortuous path to try, he did not know.
  • We lost our point on a tortuous road, but find that we have avoided a ravine.
  • Leaping Creek gamboled its tortuous way through the heart of a perfect garden.
  • Carondelet's Tortuous Intrigues.
  • Up this tortuous trail Rhoda staggered, closely followed by DeWitt.

How To Use Tortuous In A Sentence?

  • Those days of tortuous anxiety to me could have been scarce less agonizing to her.
  • The tortuous upclimbing and downsliding of the train disclosed scenery imposing and grand.
  • His ways are more tortuous than any mere army-surgeon can possibly hope to gauge.
  • But the longest lane has its turning, and this tortuous channel also had an end.
  • Their way climbed sharply, then leveled; the tunnel was as tortuous as the one below.
  • By what tortuous way she managed in the end to reach his deeply hidden scruples, who can say?
  • It was a tortuous journey when the Kippses set out to explain anything to each other.
  • Again the afternoon dragged on, unbearably long, each tortuous second a slow period of agony.
  • They were heathens, worshiping Heaven knows what in their tortuous and secret souls.
  • The Palace faced the Nile, which showed like a tortuous band of blue and silver a mile or so away.
  • It made him think of those damp, tortuous underground ways of the Villa Bordoni....
  • But especially it is this strange and tortuous being who does most of the writing about female emancipation and the reconsidering of marriage.
  • It was practically impossible to creep out of the tortuous channel while the submarine was completely submerged.
  • But what would he have thought had he threaded the tortuous path now marked by glistening railway tracks?
  • Such scullers naturally handicap themselves greatly by thus losing ground through these tortuous wanderings.
  • He comprehended that the infatuated young man had engaged in the tortuous business of keeping sparks from tinder.
  • Its channel was not so tortuous as we expected to have found it, nor did it offer any obstruction to the passage of the boats.
  • They climbed the canyon wall on that side by a tortuous path on which only a burro or a very sure-footed pony was safe.
  • There is but a moderate amount of fat around the gland, and tortuous veins are observed passing over it.
  • As silently as they had followed the tortuous trail, so silently each wrapped himself in his blankets and lay down to sleep.
  • It branched into various tortuous divisions, all of which were filled with ashes containing a large proportion of refuse.
  • So many waterways intersect the shingly meadows that by the time we come out at the right place an extraordinarily tortuous path has been followed.
  • The Austrians have enough men and guns to defend all these routes and all the tortuous pathways in between.
  • The naked abdomen was gashed by a tortuous aperture like bleeding lips, through which appeared patches of bright blue.
  • He knew that the camp might be very close in a straight line, and yet miles away by the tortuous windings of the creek.
  • Every inlet of the tortuous coasts was penetrated and surveyed, to make certain that no passage to the north-east lay through these waters.
  • Deane was sitting in the little bow window, looking down with apparent interest into the narrow, tortuous street.

Definition of Tortuous

(often figuratively) Twisted; having many turns; convoluted. | (astrology) Oblique; applied to the six signs of the zodiac (from Capricorn to Gemini) that ascend most rapidly and obliquely. | (obsolete) Injurious; tortious.
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