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  • They should not be forgotten as a heavy item to his credit in the sum total of his victory.
  • He is going by a total abstinence ship, which will not therefore carry any intoxicating drinks.
  • Two of the line-equipment units are shown; these provide for a total of twenty lines.
  • Never let any one persuade you, go where you may, to forsake your pledged total abstinence.
  • What a wondrous change Christian total abstinence had made in his whole appearance.
  • The total number of machines built in France during 1912 has been estimated at about 1,500.
  • This specimen, a male having a total length of 415 mm., was found on the forest floor.
  • At the end of March, 1913, the total number of private aeroplanes in the country was about twenty.
  • At the end of March, 1913, the total number was about 250, of which about 150 were modern.
  • The total amount granted for aviation of the navy in 1912 (fiscal year) was 100,000 yen (L10,000).
  • That the knowledge about it was subdued by fanatic religious rulers, in their attempt to subjugate total control over them.
  • And beside this he shrank from the cross, which pledged total abstinence would call upon him to take up.
  • He saw also the bright side of total abstinence when he spent a day with the rector's family.
  • The total magnetization resulting from a magnetizing force is called the magnetic flux, and is analogous to current.
  • A trade journal advertises a new calculating machine which will total up stupendous figures without any human help at all.
  • Carries a total crew of six, petrol and oil for 15 hours' continuous work at full power.
  • Mankind had now realised that the total destruction of everything that they knew, and craved for, could happen within minutes.
  • He felt uneasy over the total disunity that could occur, if the mobs of Phoride rose up against him.
  • There is, however, a special volunteer corps of about 36 private aviators, bringing the available total to 108 or thereabouts.
  • A single male having 136 ventrals, 75 caudals, and a total length of 407 mm. was found by a stream in camp.
  • Eleven tadpoles were preserved as they hatched; these have total lengths of 4.5 to 5.0 (average 4.77) mm.
  • I solemnly promise you this; and on the very day that makes us one, I will be one with you in total abstinence also.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Total | Total Sentence

  • Importancia total do capital da empreza.
  • A juvenile having a total length of 172 mm.
  • The available total of qualified naval aviators was 5.
  • List of Private Aviators, total of machines, etc.
  • Description of tadpole (KU 60006): total length, 24.5 mm.
  • Remember how anxious he seemed at one time to become a total abstainer.
  • By the end of 1912 it is said to have flown a total of 7000 miles.
  • At the end of 1911 the total number of military aeroplanes was about 100.
  • It needed no reckoning to tell the sum total of our painfully garnered hoard.
  • Making a total of ~270~ of which number about 200 were war-effectives.
  • The actual total of machines commenced and completed in 1912 is nearer 1,000.
  • The average total length of seven hatchling tadpoles is 7.4 mm.
  • The largest tadpoles preserved have total lengths of 13.0 and 13.5 mm.
  • But, on the other hand, he hated total abstinence very cordially also.
  • I should like to have a total abstinence meeting next month in Langhurst.
  • Of the total number, 500 of the bags, with an average weight of nearly 14 lbs.
  • The total number of words in the messages sent to Bristol was nearly 40,000.
  • KU 58158 has 179 ventrals, 122 caudals, and a total length of 723 mm.

Definition of Total

Entire; relating to the whole of something. | (used as an intensifier) Complete; absolute. | (transitive) To add up; to calculate the sum of.
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