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  • There were star totems as well as mountain totems.

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  • These were the totems of the families that occupied the houses in front of which they stood.
  • The designs are the series of bands and dots grouped to represent the totems of the hunters.
  • Finally some of the tribes have not even the dichotomous arrangement of totems but distribute them in both phratries.
  • It remains however to be established that this segregation of totems is actually found in the tribes in question.
  • They were hardly less than the totems of clans, the insignia of rulers, or the potent charms of the priesthood.
  • In deposing or relegating to a lower rank a crowd of totems and fetishes and ancestral ghosts, he inherited the legends of their exploits.
  • Now although it is actually the practice for men of different totems to exchange wives, it by no means follows that it was always the case.
  • For the young women have turned aside from the old paths, nor do the young men longer honor the old totems and the old gods.
  • For each such pedigree an amour was inevitably invented, and, where totems had existed, the god in this amour borrowed the old bestial form.
  • We are told that there are four totems in this tribe, though this does not agree with other reports, and that they are found in both phratries indiscriminately.
  • There is, it is true, no definite statement to the effect that children in these tribes take their totems from the father, but we may assume that it is the case.
  • From the fact that the totems are divided between the phratries it is clear that the local group may also have members of all the six totem kins mentioned above, among its members.

Definition of Totems

plural of totem
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