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  • And you prohibit me to touch my own?
  • That neither pity nor entreaties touch you?
  • I did not touch it, nor examine it.
  • To touch anything at such a moment is a trial.
  • I know there was inspiration in every touch of the brush.
  • Shall I not touch my own?
  • She had, without knowing it, a touch of grippe.
  • There was in it a touch of Davidsonian kindness.
  • Or you Attempt to touch her, rascal?
  • There was another matter I wanted to touch upon first.
  • I couldn't touch anything.
  • It was a touch of humor in an otherwise overwhelmingly grim spectacle.
  • Don't offer to touch me, you villain!
  • I endeavored to take her hand, but she shrunk from my very touch with horror.
  • Let me but touch the cash, I'm still content.
  • At this cold touch Lady Banfi uttered a shriek and started up.
  • Do but go and touch him; He's in a shivering fit, I'll lay my life.
  • You can't touch upon one, Without being impertinent about the other.

How To Use Touch In A Sentence?

  • What was this accidental touch which had evoked the strange accent of her voice?
  • Parasols were freely used to touch the boas and other snakes feeding in the same warm room.
  • But at present we do not mean to touch this argument; we shall reserve it for another work.
  • I had a touch of fever, and was out of my head for a time; but they nursed me well.
  • This deserted, ruinous hut only added a new touch of desolation to the dreary gully.
  • What would he not give for a sight of that kind face now, and a touch of that strong honest hand?
  • The warm touch of her lips, the scent of her face and hair, banished all but desire of her.
  • Dame Webber and her daughter were in despair at what they conceived a returning touch of insanity.
  • Even her slayer, moved by sudden compassion, forbears to touch her till she has ceased to suffer.
  • Naples has a touch of the tropics; cacti, aloes, and palm trees, are not of our clime.
  • It was power, as John Benham had once remarked with a touch of hyperbole, over empty stomachs.
  • He did not speak, but his touch must in some measure have counteracted the dread that oppressed her.
  • At his touch a look of content and rest passed into her eyes, and she yielded herself as the leaf yields to the wind.
  • Harding's face had a very tender expression in it as he advanced a step and put out his hand to touch the young man's shoulder.
  • We'll keep parallel with these gentlemen, and if they get out of touch with the rest we'll make a try at nailing them.
  • They are actually forced to walk erect, and their fore-legs seldom touch the ground, except in the case of piccanninies.
  • For five days I hadn't a dry stitch on me, and it was touch and go more than once.
  • Harry's orders were to locate Poindexter, but keep in touch with the column as much as possible.
  • There was, as always when he was unnatural and ill at ease, a touch of coarseness in his humour, a grotesque exaggeration of his rhetorical style.
  • I am not proposing to discuss all of the peculiarities of the human race, at this time; I only wish to touch lightly upon one or two of them.
  • Each boy has one or two sensitive spots, and if you can find out where they are located you have only to touch them and you can scorch him as with fire.
  • For a time he can't bring himself even to touch my papers here, although, as it happens, they wouldn't have done him the least bit of good.

Definition of Touch

Primarily physical senses. | Primarily non-physical senses. | To try; to prove, as with a touchstone.
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