Touched In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Touched | Touched Sentence

  • Then she touched him on the arm.
  • The spontaneous tribute touched her.
  • And he touched his wounded arm.
  • I was touched almost into tears.
  • My discourse both touched and excited him.
  • When touched it bit viciously.
  • There seemed not a string that was not touched by fire.
  • She touched the spring in the side of the secretary.
  • He leaned forward and touched a spring.
  • He touched the wallet of money with his elbow.
  • He seemed rather touched and distressed.
  • Most people were deeply touched by the sad story.
  • Here a key-note was touched that roused the whole company.
  • Sir Henry touched him on the shoulder.
  • She spoke gently, for his tone more than his words had touched her sympathy.
  • She showed him the small bag by her side upon the seat, and touched her cloak.
  • He touched her hand, still warm and soft, with his own, which was icy.
  • Baby was asleep; and I think she was touched by the actual sight of him.
  • The first blind man put out his hand and touched the elephant's broad side.
  • I could be identified too easily," and Mark touched his crippled arm.

How To Use Touched In A Sentence?

  • Their leaves rustled gently as they were touched by the breeze, and that was all.
  • He touched with his fingers a box of cigarettes which stood upon the tea-table.
  • As his foot touched the deck his will, his purpose he had been hurrying to save, died out within.
  • So he merely bent low over the hand that lay in his, raised it, and touched his lips to that.
  • There was such artificiality in the wax-flower lady that nothing in this speech touched Renouard.
  • Every face that she passed was touched with the wistful longing which is the very essence of spring.
  • It is as if a needle touched with the loadstone were sensible of and pleased with its turning toward the north.
  • He touched the mustang with the spur, and in a few fierce leaps found himself nearly abreast of the frightened animal he was chasing.
  • It all came back to me as a cold, moist nose touched my hand and a sympathetic whimper broke the silence.
  • I had had compliments before, but none that touched me like this; none that could approach it for value in my eyes.
  • Beneath the veil of white illusion which reached only to the tip of her small sharp nose, her eyes were suddenly touched with spring.
  • Wallie made no answer but touched his horse and galloped until he was ahead of Canby and the drowning horse.
  • These idle words touched a tender spot in the other officer, to whom hock-cup happened to be the beau-ideal of drinks.
  • Whose heart is not touched by this most affecting display of the tender pity of the father, in union with the stern justice of the law-giver?
  • In one particular his crime made him a changed man; from the moment he fled he never touched another drop of liquor.
  • He replaced his hat with a sweeping bow, touched the black horse lightly with a spurred heel, and was gone.
  • He had then touched the panel with his delicate knuckles; no voice had answered, and with a mirthful look he lifted the latch and we both entered.
  • It was a little violin, and he lifted it as if it had been a flower or an infant, and laid his head lovingly upon it while he touched the strings.
  • This little room, within its partial shadow, like the shadow of time itself, was touched with the solemnity of a cathedral.
  • When teeth became touched with decay or were otherwise ailing, the doctor knew of but one thing to do: he fetched his tongs and dragged them out.

Definition of Touched

Emotionally moved (by), made to feel emotion (by). | Slightly mentally deficient; touched in the head. | simple past tense and past participle of touch

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