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How To Use Touchy In A Sentence?

  • Stinky, who was very touchy on the score of the vile smell of his trade, boiled over.
  • I have taken pains with the dialogue, and made it as sharp and touchy as I could.
  • Constantine was extremely touchy about the prosperity of his new city and had just condemned to death a friend of his own for the same crime.
  • The enemy also suffered from a very touchy pistol which they introduced for the war-heads of their torpedoes.
  • State and local police can be touchy about their jurisdictions, and can sometimes be mulish when the feds show up.
  • She did not see his face very plainly, did not catch his hesitation as he engaged on this touchy theme.
  • Newton himself was famously touchy about precedence and attribution, even if not about legal ownership of his ideas.
  • He was touchy on the subject, he gladly told himself, as he held her close in all the thankfulness of regaining her.
  • This sentiment, however, was not openly expressed, as the lad was found to be decidedly sensitive and touchy on the subject.
  • He is a touchy sort of fellow, and mightn't like to think I knew that about him.
  • You are a-gittin' powerful touchy here lately, and it ain't becomin' in a man of yore dignity.
  • We grew touchy on little things, as a misplaced plate, a shortage of firewood, too deep a draught at the nearly empty bucket.
  • Steve Jackson, like many creative artists, was markedly touchy about theft of intellectual property.
  • This does have touchy aspects, as Secret Service people in particular examine bulletin boards with some regularity.
  • Ye know, professor, these Injuns are touchy about questions o' deity, and they have to be handled wi' gloves.
  • Now, when the world and Mr. Hickok understood each other on this touchy point, every sign of friction ceased.
  • This was the one thing Lord Manister said which came within measurable distance of offending the touchy Herbert.
  • Intensive culture greatly increases this disposition to trouble mankind; it makes a garden touchy and hysterical, a drugged and demoralised and over-irritated garden.
  • She did not scruple to complain of the trouble it cost to maintain intimate relations with the excellent but touchy old ladies, and of the hot water about trifles into which one must perpetually fall.
  • Walters and the professor suddenly stopped short and grinned at the brusque line officer, who, for all his bullying tactics, knew how to take the edge off a touchy situation.
  • She picked up puss in a round, comfortable ball, and carried her back to the hearthside chair; there she stroked her until her touchy ladyship had settled down again to purring content.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Touchy | Touchy Sentence

  • His touchy pride rebelled now.
  • They are a touchy race at any time.
  • They say the lady herself is now touchy on the point.
  • I never saw you so touchy in all my life.
  • We now come to the touchy subject of police and boards.
  • And the nearer the time came the more touchy she got.
  • He knew his failing, and was rather touchy about it.
  • Any touchy planets our spies report, we divert the files.
  • Now perhaps the Danes might be as touchy as the soldier.
  • I'm mighty touchy about some things.
  • The creature is easily tamed, and becomes a lovable and not a touchy pet.
  • These Northbury people are as touchy as if they were somebodies.
  • No one was so touchy as the Judge about his dignity if it were disregarded.
  • I have often found the Southerners rather touchy on this point.
  • Again her silence proved to me that I'd hit a touchy spot.
  • I'm touchy about some things, Mr. Pussy-foot.
  • We don't want any of these touchy blue days; these ups and downs.
  • But we do know they're mighty touchy on who cruises round El Diablo.

Definition of Touchy

(of a situation) Extremely sensitive or volatile; easily disturbed to the point of becoming unstable; requiring caution or tactfulness. | (of a person) Easily offended; oversensitive; ticklish.
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