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  • It is a tough country for any woman.
  • People seem sheathed in their tough organization.
  • Some pretty tough characters there, too.
  • He looked active as a monkey and tough as whipcord.
  • Studies tough in the Temple schools?
  • Guess I thought you were some tough from the saloon.
  • Who loved so well the tough old Dean.
  • It's tough if you've got a hardened old devil to deal with.
  • It was tough on us, Miss, but we needed the money.
  • Her face is corrugated with wrinkles and as tough as leather.
  • It's as tough as the bark of a tree.
  • You people always are a tough proposition for my young folks.
  • My word, it's tough enough!
  • But at the first attempt to bite the tough thing, out came a loose tooth.
  • Your chief job would be in handling men, tough men some of them, too.
  • He's a tough pill, that Provenso.
  • I have rubbed my hands down over you, so that you shall be as tough as I am.
  • The dive, badly lighted and ventilated, was counted tough among tough places.
  • Found her an' got a line aboard an' towed her in, an' it was a tough job.
  • The only sound was of Lorenzo's worrying the last tough scrap of bone.

How To Use Tough In A Sentence?

  • Some tough faggots thrown over these afforded a footing, or we should never have got over.
  • A soft, sticky, and resinous material is transformed into a relatively tough and elastic product.
  • This I cannot deny, nor that those who survive are simply so tough that beer cannot kill them.
  • The latter, when cultivated on gelatine, gave rise to tough warty colonies about 1/40 in.
  • The cook had dutifully pounded the steaks before placing the same on the fire, so that if they seemed tough it was not his fault.
  • When found, they cling so firmly as to be removed with some difficulty, and they are so tough as not to be readily crushed.
  • I never knew what his age was, any more than he did himself, but the years had left him tough as whipcord and absolutely untiring.
  • The beefsteak was tough buffalo's flesh, and the countenance of mine host confirmed the assertion.
  • Shanganappi harness is tough stuff and a broken sled is easily set to rights, or else we would have been in a bad way.
  • Then pull out your stick and you have a thick chunk or cylinder of bread, not quite so tough as a gun-barrel, but substantial!
  • I suppose, the dogs and horses must be thanked for the fact, that the men have muscles almost as tough and supple as their own.
  • The rascals can be told by their tough dark blue cotton socks, the coarse straw sandals, and the banded leggings.
  • It cost three times the ordinary price to buy a fowl, and then it was tough and like to die of old age if not immediately sold.
  • The maid, unaided, had overturned the canoe where it lay, and with quickened breath was pressing her needle through the tough bark.
  • The Zulu caught the blow upon his shield, through which it shore as though the tough hide were paper.
  • It is rather soft and is very malleable, ductile, and flexible, yet tough and strong; it melts at 1084 deg..
  • I can bite this tough vine in two with one snap of my sharp teeth," replied the Rabbit.
  • Our family don't break very easy, and as I said before, my shell was thick and tough for my age.
  • To this list of Fraser's spoils, a duck and a tough old cockatoo, must be added.

Definition of Tough

Strong and resilient; sturdy. | (of food) Difficult to cut or chew. | Rugged or physically hardy.
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