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  • But you know even toughs occasionally use their brains.
  • He's only a child among these toughs down here.
  • That's why it's so hard to get hold of these young toughs down here!
  • But, even so, the Kid had proved that my theories about toughs were not rot.
  • Wal, it 'll take more 'n a bunch o' San Juan toughs to skeer me.

How To Use Toughs In A Sentence?

  • Every point against the Ruef side was received by these toughs with jeers and hootings.
  • But you've brought in a bunch of toughs and gunmen to overawe us and do your dirty work.
  • The gate is small here, and the uniformed guardian simply gives us a glance, to assure himself that we are not toughs or pickpockets.
  • All the young boys and the toughs and the men in the band got down on the lower deck forward, where the boat was dirtiest and where the anchor was and the coils of rope.

Definition of Toughs

plural of tough
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