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  • Very few tourists go there.
  • What an example to tourists in these times!
  • And the horde of soaked tourists did the same.
  • The tourists talked after the manner of their kind.
  • Every facility for tourists and visitors in the town.
  • A party of tourists land on one of the islands.
  • In 1872 a party of tourists were less happy.
  • A visit to the mines is one the tourists can readily make.
  • A carriage-load of French tourists passed me.
  • The image of the happy tourists in the foreign streets grew more vivid.
  • Arriving home, the tourists stopped first at O'Connor's house.
  • He was standing at Jonathan's door when the tourists drove up.

How To Use Tourists In A Sentence?

  • At last the sun once more broke through the clouds and the journey of the tourists was resumed.
  • It was the admiration of transatlantic tourists with a twang; the desire of millionaires.
  • The claims of peasants and tourists upon him seemed thus in a single instant weakened.
  • But we undefeated tourists ran about in droves and saw all that could be seen before train-time.
  • Now the iris has taken up the blazonry of the year, and the tide of the tourists ebbs westward.
  • However, there were plenty of these, loaded with dusty tourists and piled high with luggage.
  • That load of tourists furnished ample amusement for Job all that summer evening.
  • The tourists had covered a good many miles and were now approaching the Mississippi River.
  • It would do for the borders of Loch Lomond, and tourists would rush there in crowds.
  • But I felt, as so many tourists have, that I wanted to enter it in the proper frame of mind.
  • The Mississippi was crossed, and then the tourists headed in the direction of Colorado Springs.
  • Tourists as nuns, tourists as Turks, tourists as God-knows-what, all preening and peacocking!
  • I thought only miners and farmers went to Rhodesia, except a few tourists to the Victoria Falls.
  • No longer were the cabins filled with drilled bands of tourists with their loud-voiced lecturing cleric in charge.
  • The rich people who have made the new part so wonderful do not like to have tourists come and stay if they can help it.
  • If we wish to understand them it must not be as tourists or inquirers, it must be with the loyalty of children and the great patience of poets.
  • They recalled, by their appearance, a shipload of summer tourists bound for the wonders and pleasures of foreign parts.
  • Carriage after carriage, laden with tourists and trunks, arrived, and the quiet hotel was soon populous.
  • The bride went off satisfied and happy with her young fellow, when her appetite was finally gorged, and the tourists swarmed in again.
  • Tickets for any one particular place were not sold last season, but tourists were allowed to visit all places not inclosed without a ticket.
  • It was one of her favorite duties, exploring every inch of the rides in her care with the lights on, after the horde of tourists had gone.
  • I have seen glaciers, a thousand years old and quite bald, heading for a valley full of tourists at the rate of an inch a month.
  • One of the favorite amusements of tourists and other people used to be that of digging for treasure at Old Panama.
  • Besides all the exposition people, there were many tourists and well-known English people, all expecting to be entertained at the embassy.
  • It was November, when knickerbockered and culture-seeking tourists no longer fill the cheap hotels of Paris.
  • Was there not an observatory on the Mokattam Hills, too, where tourists could use the telescopes on privileged days?
  • The Tyrolers are, in a word, all that poets and tourists say the Swiss are, and of which they are exactly the reverse.
  • Just about what could be seen on such an imaginary voyage is actually passed through in the sail now completed by our party of enthusiastic tourists for the past ten days.

Definition of Tourists

plural of tourist
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