Tousled In A Sentence

Definition of Tousled

(of hair etc) Unkempt, dishevelled or in disarray. | simple past tense and past participle of tousle

How To Use Tousled In A Sentence?

  • He grabbed the little ones up and with a tousled little head under each arm placed them in safety.
  • It had a rather tousled air, but in her new enthusiasm she went through it like a whirlwind.
  • Small fingers, exquisite to the touch, brushed the tousled hair from his forehead.
  • The stranger nodded and began to smooth down, hand over hand, his tousled hair.
  • Of course, it tousled up all the notions I had been stroking down so carefully.
  • She put her arms round both the children, and looked at him across their tousled heads with defensive eyes.
  • Ah, the longing to put her hands upon it, to run her fingers through the tousled hair, to touch it with her lips!
  • Some one with wildly tousled hair sat sprawling in a chair; arms on the table, and head sunk forward down upon them.
  • The saloon was unattractive, for staterooms marshaled along each side of it; and one caught glimpses of tumbled luggage and tousled berths.
  • He craned up his old tousled head and gave ear, his eyes absently fixed on the strips and spots of moonlight that lay white on the carpet.
  • Dickie Lang passed a slim brown hand slowly over her forehead and replaced a tousled lock of red-brown hair.
  • He has a round face, high forehead, straight nose, a slightly tousled mop of black hair peppered with gray.
  • His immense head lay upon his formidable paws, his eyes looked out, with a watchful intentness, beneath his tousled mane.
  • And straightway appeared a head, tousled and white, at the door of the forge, and imitated the warlike clarion of the cock in a weak voice.
  • It acted like an electric shock on Elspie, who sat bolt upright at once with a scared look that was quite in keeping with her tousled hair.
  • Out of every tent comes tumbling weird looking figures in bathrobes, pajamas, sweaters and bloomers, tousled heads and half-clad feet.
  • The things was all tousled up in a big basket, an' she fetched along a note that made Jim turn as white as a cake o' tallow.
  • When I returned to our car Brown of Lumbwa was out on the platform with his hair all tousled and a wild eye.
  • And here were two, dressed in plaid suits, with white collars, tousled hair, clean, fine American boys.
  • Wheeling about she ran into the tent where, in the light from the campfire, she could see the tousled head and rolling black eyes of the man underneath the side wall.
  • Dr. Hale tousled the ears of Balzac, the big, brown dog whose head was so often on his knee, and said nothing.
  • Charming Billy sat down upon the edge of the bed, all tousled as he was, and stared abstractedly at Mr. Dill.
  • She was pale, the freckles on her fair skin showing like a spattering of brown paint, her flaming hair slipped in a tousled coil to one side of her head.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tousled | Tousled Sentence

  • Bull stood back and scratched a tousled head.
  • The winds tousled her hair, and the rain drenched her.
  • Mr. Lincoln passed his fingers through his tousled hair.
  • Gregory drew his fingers through his tousled hair and shook his head.
  • He glared at them from under his tousled hair, then uttered a war-whoop.
  • The dwarf grunted and combed his thick, tousled hair with his fingers.
  • And Arthur's tousled head peering out.
  • Tiny over her breakfast, Fin smoothing the rather tousled hair of her mother.

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