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  • Through the walls that rise high on either side a capital glimpse of the tower can be had.
  • The central tower has been removed, the church entirely rebuilt in the fifteenth century.
  • On the far side is the Fort, a tall square tower with loopholes and embrasures.
  • Thy golden fortunes, tower they now, Or melt the glittering spires in air?
  • The lantern, with its cracked masonry, can be seen during the ascent of the tower (p. 47).
  • Three volcanic peaks tower up before us on reaching Ternate, the first of the Molucca group.
  • We generally sat in the parlor looking towards the street and the square tower of an ancient church.
  • At command of their captors, they leaped to the deck of the submarine and then passed through the conning tower and descended below.
  • The grand Portico is adorned with Columns, and has a Tower on the Top, with Chimes in it.
  • A glance at the big clock in the tower opposite her bedroom window convinced her that her watch was to be taken seriously.
  • I went up to my chamber in the tower and paced restlessly to and fro within its four walls, like a wild beast in a cage.
  • Water avens, wild parsley, and campions crowd around him, and flags of the yellow and purple iris tower over all.
  • The girl laughed, and began to build a high, tottering paper tower out of a learned-looking pack of catalogue cards.
  • We spent one night in a ruined old tower occupied by some of our infantry and got away at daybreak under the Alphonsist shells.
  • The octagonal form of tower is a favourite feature of this district, and occurs on a grand scale in the old Cathedral.
  • A great tower near the gate, that was half wood, half stone, crackled and curled up in yellow and crimson flame.
  • Its tower rose before me over the busy life of the town and looked down on the mansion of the Squire and the house of the Dean.
  • The south tower contains a peal of eight bells; that on the north is traditionally considered "rotten," but to all appearance it is sound enough.
  • Strike it thrice and there appeared the monster dog with eyes that rolled round and round and were as large as the Round Tower itself.
  • They had infinite confidence in the Maid as a leader against stone walls, for had they not seen her take tower after tower, city after city?
  • They can be at Tower W by daybreak and perhaps pick up a trail before we reach there, and we shall have fresh horses for them.
  • Thus spoke the Maid, as we rushed the tower of the boulevard, the English flying this way and that before us.
  • Four men rode that evening from Tower W through the south pass; the fifth man had already left the party.
  • The upper portion, at least, of this tower of San Lorenzo, may probably date from early in the fifteenth century.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tower | Tower Sentence

  • The conning tower closed behind him.
  • The clock on the post-office tower showed six!
  • In the tower of Nettesheim.
  • This tower is a Turkish frontier fort.
  • A "good name" is a tower of strength and many votes.
  • And then, when I took him away they sprang Tower W on me!
  • The interior of the tower was neatly and appropriately fitted up.
  • I am describing from a ruined tower which was easy of ingress.
  • Remote and low before us rises the little tower of our destination.
  • Except for the fortified tower it looks like a second-rate caravanserai.
  • The niches on the sides of the south-western tower are almost empty.
  • In 1315 the central tower was raised, and by 1321 it was being roofed in.
  • It was the tower of the Boulevard against which we were directing our attack.
  • The chauffeur now ranted his reasons for denouncing both Tower and me.
  • But the raising of the central tower had, ere this, brought disaster.
  • Moorish Tower of San Pedro Martire PLATE XLIII.

Definition of Tower

(intransitive) To be very tall. | (intransitive) To be high or lofty; to soar. | (obsolete, transitive) To soar into.
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