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  • Imagine all those of all the towns where we have been!
  • What were towns people doing here?
  • New towns were being built.
  • There are other towns or villages.
  • What towns are there near it?
  • Confound all other towns whatsoever.
  • These towns gave themselves up.
  • Other towns did their part.
  • Fantastic with the towns of sleep.
  • What towns and capitals!
  • All these towns are rapidly increasing.
  • Are all there elected in the towns of this state?
  • And there were no towns or batteries visible.
  • Nobody leaves towns undrained.
  • The towns and cities have suffered.
  • In all the country towns through which they went.
  • There are no manufacturing towns to be catered to.
  • Innkeepers of factory towns are better off.
  • And in the towns are nothing but tradespeople.
  • And there might be towns even richer!
  • Why do cities and towns have streets and roads?
  • Residence one year in the towns they represent.
  • Representatives are apportioned among the towns and cities.
  • These little towns were almost all alike.
  • These university towns were really very narrowing!
  • The towns and villages glided away.
  • In all the valleys our towns lie in ashes.
  • Provincial towns are apt to be easily satisfied.
  • At most they were small towns and easily captured.
  • It is in the smaller towns that the money is made.
  • Fish towns and lumber towns on the right.
  • Our large towns are full of such persons.
  • These 400 were chiefly in towns and cities.
  • She had gone to strange towns alone before.
  • How many towns and cities does it contain?

How To Use Towns In A Sentence?

  • Many hamlets and towns have been destroyed during the war.
  • These towns were the seat of manufactures and commerce.
  • Russian towns began to be hungry in 1915.
  • Fines were showered down upon the towns and villages.
  • Again he saw great towns and a nation.

Definition of Towns

plural of town
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