Township In A Sentence

How To Use Township In A Sentence?

  • He had no desire for the township to know until he had found out all about her.
  • There are only about 15 or 16 families in the township that he brought out.
  • This outrage filled the township and all the neighborhood with horror and dismay.
  • We have telegraphed his description to the police of every township up and down the land.
  • At least no member of the township had ever heard the name of an owner mentioned.
  • The new township rises without any adequate provision for roads or railway accommodation.
  • The infant township of 108 years before had grown to a city of 12,000 inhabitants.
  • Miller left the township entirely, and for many years taught school in the township of Beckwith.
  • This little village or township before us is Norwood, and then comes Kensington.
  • When they got there, it looked like as happy a township as any other in the Marvelous Land of Oz.
  • Every township will answer for itself, and we are convinced that the answers will all be dictated by the sentiment of justice.
  • Never before had he been assailed on his own ground; it seemed as if the whole township now conspired to bait him.
  • From all parts of the township horsemen and pedestrians were wending their way to one particular spot.
  • It had also been selected in township blocks and naturally had very little value until settlements were made in surrounding townships.
  • She was the only woman in the township for a long time, and was regarded with a certain amount of awe and wonder.
  • Let all the trades permitted in the little township be conducted on co-operative principles, and not for private gain.
  • In every state, in every county and in every township there has been a steady clearing of the land as it fills with new home-makers.
  • It is proposed to divide each township into nine settlements, giving to each a square of two miles, or 2,560 acres.
  • The people in the township were, however, notwithstanding all their discouragements, slightly advancing in the onward march of progress.
  • For three days the end of the world was forgotten in the interest which Clark township felt in the flight of its favorite.
  • The man for whom it was named was granted the first township in the wild lands known as "the Wilderness" then.
  • The township grew slowly, unlike the centres of big mining districts which spring up mushroom-like in a night and often die away as quickly.
  • It established popularly-elected Township Boards and passed certain rates to be assessed on the ratepayers.
  • The township of Boonara consisted of one main street, with irregular, irresponsible-looking houses dotted about, built anyhow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Township | Township Sentence

  • The whole township is in their pay.
  • The township superintendents were not educators.
  • In this manner a little township sprang up.
  • The township had by this time been regularly organized.
  • New Jersey borough and township law.
  • There were very few men in the township who had seen the wire fence.
  • But the family or the township has also other objects of worship.
  • These clubs were composed of all the settlers in a township or county.
  • The people of the township had already subscribed liberally to assist him.
  • Stillwater locates it anywhere within a township of many miles in extent.
  • The township unit, the consolidated school, the centralized school.
  • Bad news kept coming in to the little loyal township of Vaucouleurs.
  • In Clark township the Millerite excitement was at white heat.
  • Each township sent one representative to the District Council.
  • The companies of the township of McNab, under the command of Captain Alex.
  • The reply conveyed the impression that the whole township was the Chief's.

Definition of Township

The territory of a town. | (US, Canada) a subdivision of a county. | (South Africa, Pre 1994) An area set aside for nonwhite occupation.
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