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  • Direct toxic action.
  • Six to ten grams constitute a toxic dose.
  • Thevetin and theveresin exercise a marked toxic effect on the heart.
  • The medium became toxic from the accumulation of metabolic products.
  • Roxburgh states that the fruit is toxic and sometimes used to kill crows.
  • Its venom is about four times more toxic than that of the Cobra.
  • As a matter of fact, for certain purposes toxic gas is an ideal agent.

How To Use Toxic In A Sentence?

  • The toxic dose is 1 gram of dried plant for each kilogram of weight of the animal.
  • But into the toxic a new ingredient had entered, a fresh element, a modern note.
  • A great many chemical substances exert a more or less powerful toxic action on various kinds of life.
  • The soldier so affected is forced to take off his gas mask and then may fall victim to more toxic gases sent over simultaneously.
  • By itself phosgene has an inoffensive odor somewhat like green corn and so may fail to arouse apprehension until a toxic concentration is reached.
  • We will suppose, then, that something was burned in each case which produced an atmosphere causing strange toxic effects.
  • This organism is capable of forming highly toxic products, and it is to the effect of these poisons that its fatal result is generally due.
  • It stains the linen a light brown, however, and is not to be used over an extensive surface for fear of absorption and toxic effect.
  • The most poisonous snakes in the world include some sea-snakes which have venom 5 times more toxic than the Cobra.
  • The problems of the true neuroses, whose symptoms probably originate in direct toxic damage, yield no point of attack to psychoanalysis.
  • The same author also reports numerous cases among horses and cattle, dogs and cats, pointing out the toxic properties of the drug.
  • In Amboina the natives eat the seeds, the toxic quality of which is removed by brushing and macerating in pure water for a certain time.
  • Reason being dethroned by the poisoned circulation in the brain, Nature, through muscular action, essays to excrete the toxic elements.
  • This occurred with increasing force until it led to his death, on July 1, 1876, through some toxic agent, the nature of which was not ascertained.
  • Some believe that the leaves and fruit contain toxic principles, which may well be true considering the effects of large doses of their preparations.
  • In fact if earthworms are kept in water for too long, the concentration of ammonia that is discharged through their excreta makes the water too toxic for the earthworms to survive.
  • It is a well-known fact that many inventors have sought it in wine, alcoholic liquors, toxic substances like hashish, opium, ether, etc.
  • Now we know that this is not true, and in addition, we know of no effect that alcohol in the system might have in neutralizing the presence of the toxic albumin which constitutes the danger in snake poisoning.

Definition of Toxic

(toxicology) Having a chemical nature that is harmful to health or lethal if consumed or otherwise entering into the body in sufficient quantities. | (medicine) Appearing grossly unwell; characterised by serious, potentially life-threatening compromise in the respiratory, circulatory or other body systems. | (figuratively) Severely negative or harmful.
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