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  • Thus do we trace the unfolding of his genius.
  • You can trace the malady in all its stages.
  • Already we begin to trace the beginnings of rationalism.
  • He made no attempt to trace the assassin.
  • We cannot always trace the connections of things.
  • I must not trace the history of faction.
  • We must now endeavour to trace the change in detail.
  • We are now able to trace the actions of sending a message.
  • I trace the giant funnels from deck to deck.
  • Occasional stones trace the outline of the ancient highway.
  • Yes, and trace the robbery home.
  • Who loves to trace the field untrod by man?
  • She tried to trace the stages, but she could not.
  • Here, too, we trace the partiality of your understanding.
  • Let us return to trace the change to the Interlude.
  • However, I never could trace the steps.
  • It was difficult to trace the facts because there were no relatives.
  • At the time we did not trace the sources of these evil impulses.
  • I need not trace the procession of thought through his brain.
  • It is interesting to trace the changes in the dress of the other figures.
  • They strove earnestly but ineffectually to trace the necklace.
  • Trace the development of the coroner's office.
  • I will now rapidly trace the mode and progress of its emancipation.
  • I have no desire to trace the precise significance of these things.
  • In them it is possible to trace the measured growth of a vital industry.
  • Pep did not wait to look back to trace the occasion of the crash.
  • Let me trace the evolution which has led to the plan of this text-book.
  • It is difficult to trace the number of foreign editions and translations.
  • Some clue may be left in her room by which we may trace the criminal!
  • We easily trace the early bent of his mind toward chronology.
  • Let us try to trace the path of life which led him to this end.
  • Now, here we trace the presence of another prevalent fallacy.

How To Use Trace The In A Sentence?

  • Trace the further development of the borough in cases in which it became a county.
  • Some have attempted to trace the religious sentiment exclusively to one or the other of these.
  • I only assumed his guilt for the moment to enable me to trace the actual criminal.
  • Inspect the neighbouring lymphatic glands and endeavour to trace the path of the virus.
  • It will not be necessary in the present sketch to trace the later history of the tribe.
  • We can often trace the history of the stages through which his psychic processes have passed.
  • This is a bit of foolishness in which one can trace the great deficiency of their understanding.
  • He could look back now and trace the stages by which his understanding of it had progressed.
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