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  • They have traced you here.
  • Is not my way all traced out?
  • He must have traced me here.
  • Perhaps her friends had traced her!
  • He had traced the effect to its cause.
  • When so traced they are all in true perspective.
  • This is easily traced in the ruins.
  • Jack had traced down to the real character.
  • He traced their place of assignation.
  • The mould was being traced in outline.
  • They had traced me by my footprints through the snow.
  • The report of the wild swans was traced to him.
  • They were traced down from town a few days ago.
  • When he had traced the road to his car he smiled.
  • Never has my hand traced the fatal name!
  • Nor is it possible that the maid can be traced hither.
  • They traced a leak in the lower tier.
  • The parallel may even be traced further.
  • In their faces too she thought that she traced uneasiness.
  • In the lime he traced the name of the king.
  • Rick leaned out and traced the shore with anxious eyes.
  • Upon it is traced in white lines the figure of a man.
  • These accusations can often be traced to jealous rivals.
  • In the meantime, he had been traced to his concealment.
  • The latter was traced for 180 miles of its course.
  • The same influence may be traced in social activities.
  • No mortal eye but mine has traced thee.
  • It traced a tiny arc of flame and vanished.
  • Even new words cannot often be traced to their makers.
  • Four historic stages can be easily traced in this parable.
  • Its pedestal and bowl are traced with symbolic carvings.
  • Its age is traced back a hundred and fifty years.
  • The loose snow was thrown inside of the line traced out.
  • The railway lamps traced on the horizon a line of flames.
  • This source can be traced in passages such as c. 6.

How To Use Traced In A Sentence?

  • Depend upon it, her ailment is to be traced to this source.
  • Unrest seethed, and yet could not be traced to any source.
  • Could it be traced to his confession to Bailly?
  • In the first place, we traced the gun and the air-car.
  • I have not traced the origin of the Henry.

Definition of Traced

simple past tense and past participle of trace
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