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How To Use Tracings In A Sentence?

  • The paper was covered with the tracings of the foot-marks of some small animal.
  • We have also in our possession the whole collection of tracings of the paintings in the funeral chamber.
  • We made out what it was, and sent him tracings from plates and sketches from herbarium specimens.
  • They made cunning designs on their shields and helmets and with dainty tracings they ornamented their pots and jugs.
  • In this plant the old imagined tracings of spider's legs in the leaves can scarce be seen.
  • Still at the window, he aimlessly gaped out through its portal and added to the earlier tracings of thought regarding his intuitive lore.
  • Mr. Forde looked up from the purposeless tracings he had resumed after the first greetings were over.
  • I take accurate tracings of a score of galleries, selecting those whose length best lends itself to the test of the compasses.
  • What observer, however experienced, would have believed that such delicate tracings could herald a volcanic eruption?
  • When the river cleft showed in black tracings across the distance, they stiffened and took heart, coolness and water were ahead.
  • Reserve trenches that I had known, too, were white tracings on a flat surface in their standard contour of traverses.
  • Seemann gives only twelve, while Mr. Pinart's tracings show upwards of forty upon the same face.
  • Owing to the rough weathering of the stones accurate tracings were not possible, but the illustrations give a fairly correct idea of the inscriptions as they originally appeared.
  • He went to Parnell Winston, who was supervising the transfer of information from the Sanborn tracings to graph paper.
  • By attaching a light pencil or marker to a cord or membrane and causing the latter to vibrate by talking against it, he could secure tracings of the sound-vibrations.
  • In writing to you these thoughts as they flow from the deep reservoirs of my soul, through the conduit of pen, in inky tracings on this fair page, my sweetest hours are spent.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tracings | Tracings Sentence

  • He took up the curiously smelling tracings again.
  • Different tracings were secured from different sounds.
  • The tracings showed the mountain ranges.
  • He blackened them with repeated tracings as he mused.
  • Rick had seen Sanborn tracings before.
  • The bowl at the right is decorated with tracings and other embellishments.

Definition of Tracings

plural of tracing
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