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  • The traction magnate did not rise.
  • Steam and electric traction have annihilated space.
  • He and Wing were buying in traction stocks out West.
  • The traction magnate smiled indulgently, with manifest relief.
  • The traction magnate walked slowly to the window, and looked out.
  • But in traction engines the Lincoln firms outstrip all their competitors.
  • Cosmopolitan Traction had certainly looked like higher prices.

How To Use Traction In A Sentence?

  • Upon the remaining 64 miles, traction can be effected either by adhesion or racks.
  • It pulled like a mule-team and a traction engine and a fifty-cent painless dentist all in one.
  • A three-year-old, fifteen-mile traction connects the court-house with the Indestructo Safe Works.
  • The convenience in this respect will be enhanced when the electric traction system is fully introduced.
  • The tests of traction machines are effected by means of a three-wheeled vehicle carrying a dynamometer.
  • Afterwards he was distracted by a traction engine going through the town, and his aunt had got some sprats for supper.
  • Already he predicted motor traction on a large scale, while yet the invention was little more than a new toy for the wealthy.
  • Footing the dog must have or he cannot pull; a dog wallowing in snow to his belly cannot exert much traction on the vehicle behind him.
  • The increase in electric traction in England ought to furnish the experience necessary for the successful development of this branch of trade.
  • The method of suspension of the dynamometer allows it to take automatically the inclination of the line of traction without any torsion of the plates.
  • The only animals left alive in the Antwerp Zoo are reported to be the elephants, which are now being used for military traction purposes.
  • These have already been dealt with in the preceding lecture; the characteristic feature of all the forms suitable for traction being the compact magnetic circuit.
  • When they arrived at the farm they found that their uncle had sent a long letter to the officers of the traction company, relating in full what had occurred.
  • Certain simplifications in the use of single-phase alternating currents in traction motors have increased the number of roads using a system of alternating-current power supply.
  • Some more talk followed, and Mrs. Jardell advised Dick to communicate with the traction company at once, and he said he would do so.
  • He turned on his heel and left us, striding heavily with the strength of an ox and about the alertness of a traction engine, turning his head every once in a while to enjoy the spectacle of our discomfort.

Definition of Traction

(medicine, transitive) To apply a sustained pull to (a limb, etc.). | The act of pulling something along a surface using motive power. | the condition of being so pulled.
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