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  • I'll traduce you, accuse you, and abuse you.
  • For Grover Cleveland there were no longer enemies to traduce and vilify.

How To Use Traduce In A Sentence?

  • Let anyone traduce Mrs. Gorman, and Dan was bristling all over like an indignant porcupine.
  • I'll traduce you, accuse you, and abuse you, Soft Aurelius, e'en as easy Furius.
  • Didst thou dare to cast thy venom upon such a saint as Mrs Millisent, to traduce her virtue, and say it was adulterate?

Definition of Traduce

(transitive) To malign a person or entity by making malicious and false or defamatory statements. | (archaic, transitive) To pass on (to one's children, future generations etc.); to transmit. | (archaic, transitive) To pass into another form of expression; to rephrase, to translate.
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