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  • Some terrible tragedy had occurred.
  • She knew that tragedy was stalking by her side.
  • The rest of the tragedy was brutally plain.
  • In a moment tragedy had come into this paradise.
  • The Tragedy of Ida Noble.
  • Once before Lois had suspended tragedy for Mrs. Snow.
  • The tragedy of Sir John Van Olden Barnavelt.
  • And that is how a tragedy looks from the next room when the wall is thin.
  • The tragedy ends with the hero's death.
  • Curly, busy in his search for the letter, lost the tragedy of this.
  • The following is a tragedy in nine acts: FRANKIE.
  • I heard you here declaim; A Grecian tragedy you doubtless read?

How To Use Tragedy In A Sentence?

  • Whoever strove to check this development of the tragedy he could not fail to hate.
  • Her after-history is a tragedy beside which the story just related pales to an idyl.
  • The tragedy in the concluding words was dramatic; even more so the silence that followed.
  • They were both young; the gloom of this unlucky tragedy would soon be dispelled.
  • Where everything was so common-place and unquestioning, it seemed as if tragedy could not exist.
  • Plainly she was not before aware that I had discovered the spot where the tragedy had taken place.
  • Upon that very couch I had reclined while the foul tragedy had been enacted in that room.
  • Had this fact any connexion with the mysterious tragedy that had been enacted at The Boltons?
  • Harking back to lobsters, I am reminded of a tragedy to which I was an eyewitness.
  • I fancy when you played the comedy with M. Auguste, tragedy was only just round the corner.
  • Another romantic tragedy for which Cupid was responsible was the love between Hero and Leander.
  • For the tragedy of which I am about to tell I consider that Brenda Scott is entirely to blame.
  • The first attempt on their part to help him would only precipitate the very tragedy that they sought to avoid.
  • He marched through tragedy and comedy and thrilling adventure with no more concern that he evinced in striding through these gardens.
  • The authentic story of his life surpasses in romance and tragedy most of the pirate tales of fiction.
  • At the same time it was impossible not to feel a touch of admiration for a woman who could turn her tragedy into laughter.
  • The artist's verse may be taken as a keynote to the solemn tragedy of the work.
  • We could not watch the tragedy of old age in our own household without playing a more important part in it than we liked.
  • So he boldly decided to convert the old tragedy of sin and suffering into a drama of mental clearing-up.
  • My repentances were very real, very earnest; and after each tragedy they happened every night for a long time.
  • There Vergil has given only the last line of a suppressed tragedy which the reader is compelled to visualize for himself.
  • She had no conception of the fact that her tortured face, with tragedy looking newly out of her eyes, kept them from their rest at night.
  • It seemed incredible that, amid the shabby tragedy of this household, there should be time or thought for the kindly business of spreading a meal.
  • Effie May's eyes were fixed on strange places, and the tragedy of the world was in them.
  • The first performance of the tragedy we may thus assign to a day immediately preceding the 27th of August, 1619.
  • Children are queer, take in more than you think, and I believe the little thing felt something of the tragedy of it.
  • Meanwhile, the Indians were in the midst of the great tragedy that has been enacted since the days of Columbus.
  • The faith of a martyr the tragedy showed, As he trod the last stage; as he trod the last stage.

Definition of Tragedy

A drama or similar work, in which the main character is brought to ruin or otherwise suffers the extreme consequences of some tragic flaw or weakness of character. | The genre of such works, and the art of producing them. | A disastrous event, especially one involving great loss of life or injury.

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