Tragic In A Sentence

How To Use Tragic In A Sentence?

  • Yet a section of the public seemed to find a source of humour in this tragic hunt.
  • They were of a tragic and tremendous sort, and were performed with great energy and earnestness.
  • To bring out her special powers something strange, wild, or tragic was required.
  • There are passages in the Tragic overture that any composer might be proud to have written.
  • Mrs. Wainwright tenderly supported his left elbow and cast a tragic glance round.
  • Ghastly, a third-rate tragic actor, with a tremendous mouth, only one eye, and a very hungry look.
  • Niobe weeping for her children was not so tragic a spectacle as she lamenting the ruin of plaster and paint that did not belong to her.
  • For his son and hers it would simply be at its beginning, tragic in its boundless possibilities of shame.
  • What made it beautiful was that one could feel in it a tragic suggestion as in a great work of art.
  • He had patted her shoulder with a tragic apathy in his manner, and had said that the change would do her good.
  • There was a horrible verity in this story that reminded me of some of the tragic fictions of Dante.
  • The decayed bookseller assented by the careless, tragic gesture of a man already doomed to extinction.
  • She left the room, leaning heavily on him, and once more covering her face with her handkerchief, in tragic style.
  • At the outset it had builded the large covered passenger station upon the wharf there, whose tragic destruction we have already witnessed.
  • Even Dominic failed me, his moral entity destroyed by what to him was a most tragic ending of our common enterprise.
  • You'll have to deny a few things, of course, and swallow some humiliation; but don't get tragic over it.
  • The young eyes so tragic in their youth, the beautiful mouth, sad in its firm curves, were strangely appealing.
  • Her tragic attitude, her wondrous beauty, awed the men, and they lowered the guns that had been raised to slay the father.
  • A faint scent of violets filled the tragic emptiness of my head and it seemed impossible to me that I should not cry from sheer weakness.
  • The Dutch fairy doll heard her and was very angry, for she knew of course why the jester had come to a tragic ending.
  • Now that she saw it, her zeal to "pay," by doing penance in public, became tragic and farcical at once.
  • If, however, some principal personage is not taken off by a tragic end, the Indians find the play insipid.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tragic | Tragic Sentence

  • Nancy turned a tragic face to him.
  • I hear the tragic note.
  • Another page of this tragic chapter had opened before him.
  • She threw out her arms with a tragic gesture.
  • All are direfully tragic and splendidly spectacular.
  • Let folly also swell the tragic chorus.
  • She made me think of some great tragic queen.
  • It was almost funny, in the most tragic parts.
  • Among the shadows Mary had a moment of tragic mirth.
  • O'Mino's tragic attitude lapsed.
  • A Tragic Play of Church and Stage.
  • Life in this wonderful valley was something in the nature of a tragic farce.
  • I've made an immense and tragic blunder.
  • So whenever I spied a Tragic Lady, I went another way.
  • She would have looked tragic had it not been for her fixed, steady smile.
  • The disturbing news of these tragic events reached London piecemeal.
  • A boy's life is not all comedy; much of the tragic enters into it.
  • He could not rid himself of the memory of Sanders' tragic death.

Definition of Tragic

Causing great sadness or suffering. | Relating to tragedy in a literary work. | (in tabloid newspapers) Having been the victim of a tragedy.
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