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How To Use Training In A Sentence?

  • His ambition for a thorough literary training was abandoned on account of poverty.
  • We want more and better training colleges for native teachers, but that is not all.
  • It is the issue upon which people most need training in charity and imaginative sympathy.
  • A compulsory military service law was passed and a number of training camps established.
  • We know that all our training is to fit us for this, and we do not take the step towards it.
  • All then go to the training camp about 80% for monoplane work, the remainder for biplanes.
  • Hers was a God-given voice, and training had added to it nothing but confidence.
  • If you watch long enough, you may see the old bird, who is training a young one, fly away.
  • Meanwhile the French Army had been busy training aviators and securing new machines.
  • Only under these conditions could religious training and systematic religious oversight be provided.
  • Quite to the contrary his intensive training in the technical side of aviation becomes even more exacting.
  • Some pretty creditable things had been done by them and that training came to their help in the present crisis.
  • I would not do you the injustice of having you hampered by a person who has no business training and does not know the value of money.
  • My teaching and training enabled me to see deeper into these tragedies than an ignorant person could have done.
  • To our soldiers this was a remarkable sign of flight, for they are accustomed to military training of a different sort.
  • He had the knack and the training but, in addition, there was the necessity of establishing a rapport with the other mind.
  • We had formerly divided the care and training of the boy in such a way that he was never left a moment without his mother or myself.
  • Whatever faculty an individual may possess as to tone discrimination, it can be improved by training and practice.
  • Bad example and evil training are sufficient to account for the bad courses of any family without impeaching their circulating fluids.
  • That a Spaniard with entirely different training and ideals could have reproduced them is impossible.
  • She had received absolutely no training in the practical things of life, except of the most rough-and-ready kind.
  • The process of training would take long to describe; but it is wonderful how soon the dog takes on the habits of its master.
  • He possessed a beautiful voice, and the priest felt sure that were it possible to procure him an efficient musical training he would have a future.
  • The author was a man of scientific training who went to the islands to study them after a preparatory residence in Spain for two years.
  • There was a favorite honeysuckle which I had seen her often training with assiduity, and had heard her say it should be the pride of her garden.
  • It was only a short time before the French had an army training school for aeronauts, and a number of military service balloons.
  • The training and education of the German military system and German administration, will be a blessing to them.
  • The habit of this abstraction in enjoyment, information, feeling and demeanour, constitutes training in this sphere, or nominal culture in general.
  • He had a wife, too, who loved the same gracious Saviour, and joined with her husband in training up their children in holy ways.
  • His majesty, lacking the scientific training of his prime minister, seized a handful of the Scraggs mane and tore at it cruelly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Training | Training Sentence

  • She is in training to become a nurse.
  • Sherman's training was that of a soldier from boyhood.
  • His superior training was the great factor in his winning the match.
  • Without positive training no self-government will come to the boycotter.
  • Every brave youth is in training to ride and rule this dragon.
  • Well, he has certainly profited by the training you gave him.
  • I know no duty more sacred than the education and training of a child.
  • Joan's training stood her in good stead.
  • Any language study is good mind training while acquiring vocabulary.
  • Stella Clackmannan's had a fortnight's training as a nurse and is off.

Definition of Training

present participle of train | Action of the verb to train. (Can we add an example for this sense?) | The activity of imparting and acquiring skills.
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