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  • These personal traits do not explain him.
  • The family traits in each became more accentuated.
  • Mais peu ou point de traits originaux et significatifs.
  • None of these traits belong to the Englishman.
  • Italian Traits And Characteristics.
  • November Traits 60 XII.
  • His most characteristic traits were his extreme kindliness and his animation.
  • The essential traits of his later character appeared in his early childhood.
  • With reckless ferocity, he often mingles traits of kindness and good humor.
  • One of the King's most delightful traits is his sense of humour.

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  • Hence it follows that the hereditary traits must be particularly associated with the chromosomes.
  • The worst characteristic traits of a man and of a woman have been known to be cured by it.
  • You transmute the commonest traits into gold of your own; but after all there are no new names.
  • There were traits of the people, which he neither could have understood or valued.
  • Sometimes it was a colorless, uninteresting class with no special traits worthy of admiration.
  • It is well known how the Old Testament reports the same traits of belief among the Jewish nation.
  • Theaetetus himself is not distinguished by the remarkable traits which are attributed to him in the preceding dialogue.
  • Of the poet's physical traits we have no very satisfactory description or likeness.
  • I do not expect all the finest traits of character to spring from the hot-beds of slavery and caste.
  • In truth, the generous traits of character that beamed through all this gloom had penetrated to my heart.
  • One of the most comfortable traits of our chalk hills however is the marvellous quickness with which the turf dries after rain.
  • I recall some traits of a remarkable person whose life and discourse betrayed many inspirations of this sentiment.
  • In some of these stories very primitive and savage traits appear, which show that they originated in a rude state of society.
  • Though there were a great many admirable traits in his character, people were forced to like him in spite of rather than because of them.
  • At best it is unsafe to search for racial traits in the work of genius; in this instance it would but betray loose thinking.
  • Americans they were; one knew by the set of their shoulders, by the little traits of race which have nothing to do with complexion or speech.
  • A man finds room in the few square inches of the face for the traits of all his ancestors; for the expression of all his history, and his wants.
  • It is the divergent and opposite traits of the tribes which make up the English folk that have helped to make us great.
  • These savage traits were not his, though all the good qualities of the Indian he possessed in double measure.
  • Admiral Bayly was so retiring and so modest that he seemed almost to have assumed these exterior traits to disguise his real nature.
  • A few traits of his, indeed, there may be in Huntingdon, but they are not the worst of those depicted in that character.
  • France is, by its natural contrast, a kind of blackboard on which English character draws its own traits in chalk.
  • One of the pleasantest traits in his character was his warm affection for the members of his family and for the few whom he honored with his friendship.
  • Since their marriage he discovered new and surprising traits in her and wondered how he had been so blind as to risk losing her by his delay in asking her to be his wife.
  • It is for this purpose only that I will briefly add two more traits of the Jews, equally valuable and undeniable.
  • In the course of time, however, Goethe invested him more and more with the costume and traits of the traditionary Devil.
  • Now the offspring can certainly inherit from each parent, and hence the hereditary traits must be associated with some part of the cell which is derived from both.
  • To make the discovery of these traits in ancient characters and to interpret them in the terms of modern boyhood and girlhood is the task of two volumes in the list.
  • In the first place, it is evident that the chromosomes form the part of the cell which contain the hereditary traits handed down from parent to child.
  • Here we have the two necessary traits in the character of a great people: the love and the habit of civil liberty and religious conviction and independence.

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plural of trait
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