Tranquil in a sentence

Definition of Tranquil

Free from emotional or mental disturbance. | Calm; without motion or sound.

How to use Tranquil in a Sentence?

  • How much of good there must be surely in a nature pleased with such tranquil simple pleasures!
  • The blue sky is filled with vaporous clouds, which are often mirrored in tranquil lakes.
  • All the open blossoms stared at me with a tranquil gaze, knowing I would not hurt them.
  • Lulled by the trickling waters and possessed By tranquil thoughts, the friar fell asleep.
  • Only the friends of Madame des Ursins were able to remain in a tolerably tranquil state.
  • You watch, and the story seems Told by their beautifulness Tranquil as dreams.
  • No lands far away by the swift Susquehannah, So tranquil and fair as the Vale of Shanganah!
  • He had forgotten the calm and tranquil region that stretched beyond the moil and anguish of the strife for gain.
  • The tranquil echo of the repeat enabled me to bear it sufficiently to look up and form some notion of him on whom so much depended.
  • But be at once careful, because the use of things is not indifferent, and steadfast and tranquil because the things themselves are.
  • A shaft of light broke the tranquil conformity of darkness and he knew that it could be nothing else but a dagger.
  • I had lost all feeling of pain or anxiety, and was perfectly tranquil and indifferent to anything that might happen.
  • They were both full to the brim of a delicate laughter, of over-brimming wonder, of tranquil desire.
  • It was as if his orderly, complacent, and tranquil soul had plunged suddenly into a bath of golden air.
  • He had been a tranquil spectator of the sports hitherto; but this was the last game, and he felt that he ought to do something more than look on.
  • She came to her knees and looked about, startled, then subsided again, tranquil and sure of her solitude.
  • It hardly seemed an hour before he was back again, very big and handsome in conventional dress, among the tranquil trees of the garden.
  • From heights, where the car seemed to poise like a bird in mid-air, one saw the tranquil blue of the sea.
  • The blow struck Adam out of a tranquil rest, and he thought nothing better than that he was awakening for another world.
  • The next instant I found myself spinning through the air, and then plunging deep down into the bosom of the tranquil sea.
  • There, far down in the earth, lay a tiny tranquil lake of inky blackness, its borders outlined with blazing torches.
  • His right side was enfeebled, and his active career ceased, though he enjoyed the cheerful, tranquil pursuits of age.
  • For a few moments there was deep silence in the room; then the Maid took her hands from her face, and she was calm and tranquil once again.

Short Example Sentence for Tranquil

  • Things are very tranquil here.
  • Her face is tranquil and radiant.
  • He himself had always been a man of tranquil tones.
  • The tranquil talker never hurries.
  • Lime-trees were planted in this tranquil place.
  • It was all tranquil progress from day to day.
  • Poelemburg possessed a happy and tranquil nature.
  • In that tranquil face it was a great play of feature.
  • Make thou the rural plain Tranquil and bright.
  • O, now, forever, Farewell the tranquil mind!
  • I chafed secretly against this life of tranquil appreciations more and more.
  • The tranquil beauty of the country played the very vengeance with me.
  • At that crisis we shall see the tranquil minister unmask his artillery.
  • Their tranquil mien bereaveth him Of wit, of words, of rest.
  • As from the fountain's tranquil mirror thou gavest me greeting.
  • We may pass rapidly over these tranquil years of Brant's life.
  • And ere the tranquil close of day, Fade, like the Persian's from her eye.

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