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  • In such a time patience and tranquility are not allowable.
  • Oblivion shimmering all around us, its very tranquility deadlier than tempest.
  • She had lost the tranquility and the assurance which she had while in Europe.
  • Upon his big, shaven face a rather stolid tranquility reigned.
  • It needed the ingenuity of Bill to trouble his tranquility of mind.
  • A momentary tranquility came into Elisabeth's face.

How To Use Tranquility In A Sentence?

  • The insurgents had now been put down; peace and tranquility reigned over the land.
  • She frets herself and embitters her life during those months in which tranquility is of the utmost importance.
  • Man experiences something like an awakening from the bliss and tranquility in which he was wrapped during the sun period.
  • Too close proximity is not conducive to tranquility on the part of the singer, and also spoils the tone effect.
  • To keep tranquility with the increase of perception and understanding means renounciation as far as I can see.
  • Here she took up her residence in the summer of 1829, and in that snug abode, she spent in singular ease and tranquility the rest of her life.
  • Even the cessation of military operations was far from restoring the tranquility that used to reign in this once prosperous and happy little community.
  • All I seek for him is the tranquility that means life; all I ask is the removal of the anxiety that means death.
  • I ascribe their tranquility to the manner in which they are affected by the sudden admission of light, they appear rather to testify fear than anger.
  • Conservative Jews, in their despair, sent an embassy to Rome, praying for tranquility under the equitable reign of law.

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