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  • Standing there, he read certain passages of this transcription of his mental life.
  • A detailed list of corrections and other transcription notes appears at the end of this e-text.
  • Appendix: Transcription notes: This etext was transcribed from a volume of the 14th printing.
  • This transcription was made from a modern edition, and it is not clear if these oddities were intended or introduced.
  • This text utilized here in transcription contains a section marked number 4 on that tablet but all the other sources omit it.
  • The fourth study is an extremely clever transcription of the Caprice No. 1, Andante, E major.
  • Since 980 a considerable quantity of transcription and illumination must have been produced, notwithstanding disquiet, turbulence, and war.
  • At the end is a list of eleven German scribes who were employed upon the transcription of the volume, with the payments they severally received.
  • Religion, learning, arts, such as transcription and illumination, flourished in English monasteries.
  • It was, as my friend had said, probably an almost literal transcription of what took place in the court-room; and the trial lasted nearly a month.
  • By this time Elmore had got out his notes, and, in their transcription and classification, had fallen into forgetfulness of his troubles.
  • This transcription is faithful to the original transliterations of Greek (which occur in italics), even when they seem incorrect.
  • Transcriber's Notes: The transcription of the letter was done as well as possible.
  • This transcription retains the | | internally consistent conventions used in the preface, body,| | appendix and advertisements.
  • Four foreign words or phrases are in Roman type and are denoted in this transcription by being placed between asterisks.
  • Their place in the world's thinking and feeling and their transcription into their present forms by really great artists give them a permanent place in the world's literature.

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  • Electrical transcription no.
  • I decline to struggle with any transcription of the plot.
  • Other transcription notes appear at the end of this e-text.
  • Poetical Transcription by Miss E.D.
  • Diacritic marks of in the transcription of Arabic letters have been removed.

Definition of Transcription

The act or process of transcribing. | Something that has been transcribed, including: | (obsolete) A written document.
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